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Talking Cars
In many cases, a successful forecast of a technological trend can be accomplished by just following the patents.
United States
25 Sep 2019
USPTO Requests Comments On Artificial Intelligence Patent Issues
On August 27, 2019, the USPTO issued a Federal Register Notice requesting comments on artificial intelligence patent issues to assist in "evaluating whether further examination guidance is needed to promote ...
United States
29 Aug 2019
AI: IP Policy Consideration
One of the many topics discussed the challenges of patenting AI, implications of advancing AI technology on IP laws such as copyright and trademarks, and perspectives on AI policies around the world.
United States
10 May 2019
Virginia Tech's Innovation Campus To Spawn New Patent Ecosystem In Northern Virginia
In mid-November 2018, Amazon grabbed headlines when it announced it will build part of its new headquarters in Northern Virginia.
United States
15 Apr 2019
How The EPO And USPTO Guidance Will Help Shape The Examination Of Artificial Intelligence Inventions
It is safe to say that Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are hot topics and, as with any rapidly growing technological area on the industry side, there is also a rapidly growing number of patent applications being filed.
United States
3 Apr 2019
Total Compliance With Bayh-Dole Assignments Must Be Goal
Jeffrey McIntyre Featured in Technology Transfer Tactics on Compliance with Bayh-Dole Assignments.
United States
1 Mar 2019
Pendulum Swinging Back In AI Direction?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a loaded technology buzzword that comes in different forms in various commercial products.
United States
6 Dec 2018
Is 35 U.S.C. § 295 The Key To The AI Black Box?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is stepping out of science fiction and into our everyday lives at a rapid pace.
United States
24 Oct 2018
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