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Playing a short game on the Privacy Bill
The Select Committee has recommended only modest changes to the Privacy Bill now, so further reform may be needed later.
New Zealand
20 Mar 2019
Protecting the right to a private home address for directors
Directors have the right to privacy over their home address within the proposed Director Identification Number regime.
New Zealand
13 Aug 2018
Recorded conversation may not be personal information in NZ
In NSW, whether a recorded conversation is personal information depends on what is said about the relevant individual.
New Zealand
9 Aug 2018
Tougher privacy regime coming for New Zealand
The changes will align more closely with comparable regimes but do not go as far as the Privacy Commissioner would like.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2018
Directors private information safe from liquidators
Liquidators cannot examine directors to obtain private financial information to judge their worth as prospective defendants.
New Zealand
5 Dec 2017
Can you sell your customer database?
If a receiver wants to include customer databases in any sale, he must first get permission from the affected customers.
New Zealand
14 Mar 2016
Privately speaking - Issue 3, September 2015
Privately speaking is a quarterly publication tracking developments in privacy legislation, regulations and case law.
New Zealand
3 Nov 2015
Supreme Court allows limited protection of digital data
The judgment does not enhance property interests, but it increases the risks if improperly dealing with electronic data.
New Zealand
23 Oct 2015
Expert perspectives on digital identity and privacy
Privacy, digital identity and digital innovation were key themes at the recent Identity Conference hosted in Wellington.
New Zealand
8 Jun 2015
EU Art 29 Working Group releases report on website cookie usage
The report is based on a survey of 478 popular European websites.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2015
UK Government call for information on the commercial use of consumer data
The UK Government wants feedback on how businesses collect and use data for commercial purposes.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2015
US Senator's report reveals automobile privacy vulnerabilities
A US senator has raised concerns about privacy implications of new vehicle technology.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2015
Privacy - use of smart meters by utility companies
The Privacy Commissioner has received enquiries from the public concerning the privacy implications of smart meters.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2015
Drones vs regulators - privacy issue du jour?
As the use of drones and other surveillance tools proliferates, so too do the privacy and other issues surrounding them.
New Zealand
4 Feb 2015
Google decision of privacy and personal information - good for gangstas, but not in New Zealand
This ECJ judgment on internet information is interesting but is unlikely to bear on the legal position in New Zealand.
New Zealand
24 May 2014
Privacy – what personal data protection really requires
This article provides tips to manage privacy obligations when collecting, storing and distributing personal information.
New Zealand
29 Sep 2012
Privacy Act strengthened: Dentures for a toothless tiger?
Law Commission’s updates to Privacy Act 1993 contemplate technical changes and major departures.
New Zealand
12 Aug 2011
Cloud computing and privacy
Cloud computing is an efficient and low cost alternative to traditional data storage solutions.
New Zealand
4 Aug 2011
Did the Privacy Commissioner get it right with Google?
Late last year, the Privacy Commissioner (the Commissioner) clipped Google for breaching the Privacy Act 1993 (the Act) through its "Street View" filming in New Zealand. Google acknowledged early on that it had made mistakes and has given a number of undertakings to improve its Privacy Act compliance processes.
New Zealand
1 Feb 2011
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