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Oman New Bankruptcy Regulation
Bankruptcy is one of the most serious and tough situations a business can experience, and this difficulty extends and affects more than those in charge.
24 Jul 2019
Overview: Debt To Equity Conversions
In these investment scenarios, there are times when an organization needs more money than is as of now being produced by its activities; it has two different ways to get it.
United Arab Emirates
22 May 2019
Analysis Of The Proposed Changes To The DIFC Employment Law
The Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is one of the many free-zones in the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
11 Apr 2019
Sharjah Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Restructuring
The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Sharjah (SCCI) is a government-owned entity that was initially established in 1970 by the Sharjah ruler.
United Arab Emirates
13 Dec 2018
New Bahrain Bankruptcy Law
Bankruptcy is never a good thing when it comes to business. It is a time of hardship and can test the patience and steadfastness of many businesspeople.
United Arab Emirates
30 Nov 2018
Saudi May Consider Restructuring Regulatory Laws To Attract FDI
In an event that was hosted at the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation in Riyadh which was in partnership with the Saudi Organisation of Certified Public Accountants and associated with Drooms.
United Arab Emirates
7 Nov 2018
Updated Bahraini Bankruptcy Law
The new law on bankruptcy in Bahrain intends to updates rules that regulate insolvency proceedings and that strengthen the country's business community.
25 Jul 2018
The New Bankruptcy Law Of Saudi Arabia
Prominent American Essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that money often costs too much.
Saudi Arabia
17 Jul 2018
Federal Cabinet Resolution Number 4 Of 2018 Establishing The Financial Restructuring Committee
On issuance of Federal Bankruptcy Law under the Federal Decree No. 9 of 2016 for various bankruptcy cases. On 19 October 2017, the current Cabinet members have been reshuffle...
United Arab Emirates
24 May 2018
Federal Cabinet Resolution No.4 Of 2018
On issuance of Federal Bankruptcy Law under the Federal Decree No. 9 of 2016 for various bankruptcy cases.
United Arab Emirates
15 May 2018
Overview Of The Laws In Territorial Jurisdiction
The UAE follows Civil Law in their legal system and the primary laws governing the jurisdiction of courts is regulated by Federal Law Number 11 of 1992 the Civil Procedural Law ...
United Arab Emirates
1 May 2018
New Bankruptcy Law In The UAE
Since the time of its promulgation in the year 2016, the Bankruptcy Law has been widely discussed and deliberated on. The enactment of Federal Law Number 9 of 2016 (the New Law) ...
United Arab Emirates
20 Feb 2018
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