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After The Family Court Changes A Final Order, Is The Original Order Still Enforceable?
Family Law is all about changing family dynamics. Families do not stop changing just because a court makes a final order. Parenting arrangements and child support are particularly prone
9 Sep 2019
What If Your Spouse Shortchanges You In Their Will?
If you qualify as a "dependant" spouse, even if unmarried, you can make a Dependant Support claim under the Succession Law Reform Act.
30 Aug 2019
Thinking Of Getting Married? Maybe You Should Consider A Marriage Contract
There is more to marriage than just a party with a DJ and catered food. Getting married is a serious legal undertaking which involves significant financial consequences.
15 Aug 2019
My Estranged Wife Is Denying Me Access To Our Baby. She Refuses To Communicate With Me And I Am Yet To Meet Our New-Born Child. Is There Something I Can Do?
Ontario Family Court judges generally have a very dim impression of parents, mothers or fathers, who deny their children the opportunity to have a relationship with both parents.
10 Jun 2019
How Can I Obtain Custody Of The Family Pet In My Divorce? My Soon-To-Be Ex-Spouse Is Keeping My Pet Away From Me
Under Ontario's current Family Law legislation, pets, of any sort, are "property", such as furniture, cars or bank accounts. Judges do not decide matters based on the "best interests of the pet", as they do parenting issues, ...
7 Jun 2019
My Ex-Spouse Refuses To Amend The Schedule And Allow Me To Take Our Child On Vacation. What Can I Do?
These agreements or orders will stipulate the arrangements for custody of the child.
21 May 2019
Setting Aside Orders in Family Court
For various reasons, family law litigants may fail to participate in their court proceedings, placing them at risk of being "noted in default".
2 May 2019
How Can I Obtain Custody Of The Family Pet In My Divorce? – My Soon To Be Ex-Husband Is Keeping My Pet Away From Me
Under Ontario's current Family Law Legislation, pets, of any sort, are not treated like children They are, for all purposes of law "property", like furniture, cars or bank accounts.
8 Apr 2019
I Want To Move Provinces However, I Am Aware That I'd Need The Permission Of My Child's Father To Do So. But, Can My Child's Father Move Without My Permission?
If you, as a primary parent, want to move, you would need your ex's permission because naturally, moving will interfere with him parenting your son.
25 Mar 2019
I Owned The Home Before We Married – Why Does My Spouse Get A Share Of It?
We are all familiar with the skyrocketing price of homes in Toronto and the surrounding area. It is not a simple feat to purchase a home – it requires a lot of hard work and obviously, money.
14 Mar 2019
What The Death Of Riya Rajkumar Means For Family Law Custody Cases
Millions of people were startled late last night to when the emergency tones went off for the Amber Alert for Riya Rajkumar, only to learn, minutes later, that she had been found, but not safe.
22 Feb 2019
Is There Such A Thing As "Spousal Abandonment" In Canada?
What happens if your spouse just ups and leaves? Can you press charges? Is there an automatic right to divorce?
20 Feb 2019
When Can I Stop Paying Child Support?
Many payor parents in Ontario mistakenly assume that child support automatically ends when their child turns 18. The law, however, says otherwise.
14 Feb 2019
I Have Children From A Previous Relationship. I've Since Remarried And Have Children With My Current Wife. How Is Child Support Calculated For My Eldest Children?
In recent years, it has become more common place to see "complex" families where one (or more parents) have children with several other parents, or is a step-parent to children in other families.
6 Feb 2019
Spousal Support And Early Retirement – Is It A Material Change In Circumstances And/Or Can Spousal Support End In The Event Of Early Retirement?
Spousal support, sometimes referred to as maintenance or alimony, are funds that are paid to one spouse to another upon separation or a divorce.
11 Jan 2019
I'm Getting A Divorce, What Are My Rights To The Family Business?
When divorce is contemplated by either one or both spouses, often it is time to start thinking about the division of assets.
2 Jan 2019
Common Law Couples: Exclusive Possession Of The Home
More than ever, unmarried (or "common law") couples are living in conjugal relationships that are indistinguishable from marriage. Many of these couples will be surprised to learn that, in Ontario,
14 Dec 2018
I Want A Divorce – What Are The Steps In Getting A Divorce In Ontario?
Until married couples obtain a divorce, the law still considers them to be married, even if they are living separate and apart.
28 Nov 2018
I Have Relocated To Canada – Can My Parents And Grandparents Come With Me?
Emigrating to another country can sometimes be a very lengthy and daunting process.
15 Nov 2018
Common Law Couples: What Happens to Our Jointly Owned Home After Separation?
November 8th, 2018 by Mason Morningstar The definition of "common law" couples differs depending on which legal rights are in question, and it is possible to be considered "common law" in one context ....
13 Nov 2018
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