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3 Points To Remember If Your Spouse Abducts Your Child To UAE
Through this article, I will highlight three important points to be considered by either spouse, if the other half has abducted the child from another country to the UAE without proper authorization and consent.
United Arab Emirates
10 Jul 2019
My Wife And I Have Split But I Still Wish To Sponsor Her – Can I?
Question: My wife and I recently divorced. Is it still possible to sponsor her? Answer: UAE law does not allow a man to provide visa sponsorship for a former wife.
United Arab Emirates
13 Feb 2019
Bringing A Child To The UAE – When You Can't Find Your Husband
My husband and I divorced 10 years ago and I haven't seen him since. I moved to Dubai and would like my daughter to live with me. What needs to be done to let her come stay with me in the UAE?
United Arab Emirates
18 Dec 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&As: How Can I Prove I Am Fit To Keep Custody Of My Child?
UAE Family Matters Q&As: How Can I Prove I Am Fit To Keep Custody Of My Child? In my column this week in The National newspaper, I answer an Egyptian woman who wants to know whether it is possible to apply the rule of her home country in the UAE in a family dispute, in this case
United Arab Emirates
26 Nov 2018
Husbands Can No Longer Misuse Sponsorship Power Against Wives In UAE
In this article published by the Khaleej Times newspaper on a new development granting women divorcees a one-year visa extension to stay in the country, I explain how the new humanitarian law will help prevent abuse of power by husbands.
United Arab Emirates
16 Nov 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Can I Take My Children Back Home With Me After Divorce?
In my legal advice column this week in The National newspaper, I advise an expatriate who is going through a divorce on what legal grounds he has to go back to his country with his children, overriding the presumption that his estranged wife will be granted custody of the couple's two young children.
United Arab Emirates
9 Oct 2018
Neglectful Parents Must Be 'Held Accountable' For Child Deaths
Neglectful parents must be 'held accountable' if their children die due to a fatal lack of care, a safety leader has said.
United Arab Emirates
1 Oct 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&A: How Can I Ensure My Ex-Husband Pays Me Child Support?
In my publication this week, I discussed UAE family matter, mainly based on child support. Husband has the obligation to look after the family, even if he is divorced.
United Arab Emirates
2 Aug 2018
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Husband Divorced Me But Wants Me Back Even Though I Don't Want Him
I lived in the UAE with my husband until he recently divorced me and clearly said that he would not take me back.
United Arab Emirates
21 Aug 2017
Man Kidnaps Daughter To Dubai After Losing Custody Of Her In Kazakhstan, Court Hears
A man kidnapped his daughter and brought her to Dubai after losing custody of the 5-year-old to his ex-wife in their home country, the Personal Status Court was told.
United Arab Emirates
11 Aug 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Second Wife Feels Husband Does Not Treat Her As Well As First
I am a Muslim woman who has been married to a Muslim man for five years.
United Arab Emirates
8 Aug 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Can I Forbid My Wife From Working?
I want my wife to go back to our home country and take care of my children. Do the laws allow me to stop my spouse from working?
United Arab Emirates
21 Jul 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: If I Put A Travel Ban On My Son Can He Still Travel With Me?
In accordance with Article 149, 'the custodian may not take the child for travel outside the state without the written consent of the guardian. If the guardian does not approve, the matter shall be referred to the judge.'
United Arab Emirates
19 Apr 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&A: Can I Claim Custody Of Children Three Years After Wife Remarried?
I am an Asian man whose ex-wife has been married to someone else for more than 3 years.
United Arab Emirates
2 Mar 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&As: Husband Abandoned Me And Did Not Pay For Baby's Delivery
My husband abandoned me and my baby and he did not pay a single dirham for the delivery, so I want to know the consequences for him if I file a case against him.
United Arab Emirates
24 Feb 2017
UAE Family Matters Q&A: What Are A Woman's Rights When Her Ex-Husband Kidnaps Their Children?
A close friend got divorced through Dubai Courts about a year ago and was granted custody of her two children, girls aged 9 and 4.
United Arab Emirates
23 Jan 2017
Family Court Process
The statement of Claim is drafted by the Claimant or the lawyer. The statement of claim has to be in writing and in the Arabic language.
United Arab Emirates
8 Nov 2016
UAE Family Matters: I Think Husband Is Cheating, What Can I Do About It?
Question: I suspect that my husband is having an affair, and many of our mutual friends have told me the same. I do not have any proof. What can I do?
United Arab Emirates
6 Oct 2016
UAE Family Matters Q&A: Can I Divorce My Husband If He Can't Have Children?
I have been married for more than seven years. We have no children owing to my husband's medical condition. We have been having treatment throughout this time, trying for a child, but it has been unsuccessful...
United Arab Emirates
27 Jul 2016
UAE Family Matters Q&A: How Much Of My Late Husband's Property Am I Entitled To?
My husband divorced me and now three months have passed, meaning the divorce has become irrevocable. However, we have reconciled and he now wants to marry me again and I have no problem with that.
United Arab Emirates
22 Jul 2016
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