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Why Your Seemingly Perfect Separation Agreement May Not Be Written In Stone
In most cases, separated spouses resolve the issues arising from their separation by way of a written agreement between them. While it is hoped that the agreement will remain tucked away ...
30 Sep 2019
Bill C-78 – The Long-Awaited Overhaul Of The Federal Divorce Act
Bill C-78, An Act to amend the Divorce Act, the Family Orders and Agreements Enforcement Assistance Act and the Garnishment, Attachment and Pension Diversion Act and to make consequential
10 Sep 2019
Why You Should Plan For A Breakup Before Your Marriage Breaks Down
Planning for the breakdown of a marriage while the relationship is intact can be difficult and emotionally charged. However, the failure to plan for the end of a relationship
29 Aug 2019
What Is ‘Table' Child Support And Why Is It So Hard To Get It Reduced?
Separated spouses who pay child support are often surprised by the short shrift family lawyers give them when they ask why there is such strict adherence to the "table" child support calculated
16 Aug 2019
Family Fight Over Farm Puts Question Of 'Undue Influence' Under The Microscope
Wills and contracts can be challenged in a myriad of circumstances, including if there was fraud, duress or undue influence. Recently, a Saskatchewan case caught my eye
6 Aug 2019
Joint Tenants Or Tenants In Common? Don't Leave It To The Courts And Your Heirs To Sort Out
Lawyers often say that estate litigation is like "family law with dead people" because, in both disciplines, emotions tend to run high.
6 Aug 2019
These Relationship Red Flags Are Pretty Accurate Signs You're Headed For A Breakup (Video)
It's rare that a relationship breakdown comes as a complete surprise. In fact, in hindsight, most spouses have a Spidey sense about their pending breakup. Here are some early warning signs
22 Jul 2019
If You Win The Lottery, Your Ex Might Hit The Jackpot, Too
For many family law lawyers, a cocktail party can become a hotbed for questions rooted in "what if" and "I'm asking for a friend." For the curious party-goer, the topics inevitably focus on the
15 Jul 2019
Laurie Pawlitza On The Biggest Mistakes Couples Make When They Separate (Video)
Laurie Pawlitza of our Family Law Group breaks down the biggest mistakes people make when separating. Hint: there's little be gained by being vindictive.
15 Jul 2019
Laurie Pawlitza On The Top Five Things You Need To Know About Marriage Contracts
As you might imagine, a marriage contract — an agreement that says what will happen in the event that you separate — is rarely seen as a romantic gesture.
8 Jul 2019
Adam Black Speaks To The Law Times About The Challenges Self-Represented Litigants Face
Self-represented litigants are typically able to expect some flexibility from the judicial process, but there are risks when they try to manage a case without a lawyer
4 Jul 2019
Father Finds Out The Hard Way That Bad Faith Can Cost You Big Time In Court
Family law litigation works best when both parties' conduct is rooted in good faith and focused on an efficient resolution of the disputed issues. Unfortunately
20 Jun 2019
Family Law Arbitration Has Advantages, But It's No Guarantee You'll Stay Out Of Court
The National Post recently reported on the case of a dispute between separated parents that centred on whether their children should be vaccinated or not.
18 Jun 2019
If You Rack Up Debt After Separation, Don't Expect Your Former Spouse To Pay For It
Sharing the assets and liabilities a couple acquired during a marriage is a standard part of any separation.
27 May 2019
Your Ex Gets A Raise After You Divorce? You Might Be In Line For Tens Of Thousands More
One of the most controversial, difficult and most-litigated issues in family law across Canada is the extent to which a payer of spousal support will be required to share any post-separation increases
29 Apr 2019
Discretionary Trusts Prove Problematic When It Comes To Dividing Assets
Many Canadian families with a moderate degree of wealth create a family trust.
26 Apr 2019
For Unmarried Couples, Splitting The House On Separation Is No Sure Thing
In the eyes of an Ontario family law lawyer, one of the most significant consequences of marriage is the sharing of property regime that will apply in the event of separation.
21 Mar 2019
Just Because Your Ex Failed To Disclose Assets, Doesn't Mean You Get A Cut
Family lawyers advising their clients inevitably tell them something like this: Provide full financial disclosure to your spouse or your agreement could be set aside.
18 Mar 2019
Changes In Property Ownership Can Have Unexpected And Wide-Ranging Consequences In Family Law
If you are granted right of survivorship on a property, does that constitute a gift? And if so, when does the gifting take place — at the time the right is established,or after the joint owner's death
19 Feb 2019
Former Dragons' Den Star's Divorce Case Highlights Trouble With ‘Expert Testimony' In Family Law
The more complex our world has become, the more likely it is that litigation will involve expert evidence.
4 Feb 2019
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