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Family Office: Establishing A Real Presence In Jersey
Like any other undertaking which has a real presence in Jersey, a family office will need to consider whether a business licence is required for its operations prior to it setting up in Jersey.
19 Sep 2019
Myth Busting Jersey Trusts And Foundations
Some may think trusts and foundations are only used by very wealthy people or families, or that by putting assets into a trust or foundation in international finance centres (IFCs) like Jersey, then they are avoiding tax.
15 Aug 2019
Offshore Relocations - Moving Your Family To The Channel Islands
Today, those arguments still hold true – but more and more the things that are swaying people towards Jersey and Guernsey are about the high quality of lifestyle,
4 Jul 2019
Cutting Through Complexity – How The Role Of Private Wealth Advisers Has Changed
Advocate Josephine Howe, a partner in Ogier's top-tier Jersey Private Wealth team, joined the firm in 2005 – in the past 14 years she has seen significant changes not just in legislation
3 Jul 2019
Start Making Your Jersey Will Online Today
It is estimated that two thirds of the population of Britain do not have a valid will, and experience suggests that the figures are similar in Jersey.
3 May 2019
Undue Influence Affecting Settlors In Exercising Powers Of Revocation
In a recent decision, arising out of a long running family dispute concerning two trusts, the Royal Court made a number of notable findings regarding the scope and effect of undue influence in a trusts context.
28 Feb 2019
Time For Islanders To Use New Law To Record Wishes About Assets And Care
January is the traditional time of year for writing or updating your will, but Islanders should also consider a LPA to record their wishes about their assets and personal care should they lose mental capacity.
9 Jan 2019
At A Glance Guide To Lasting Powers Of Attorney
After a much-needed reform in the law, people in Jersey can now create Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)
13 Dec 2018
Jersey Wills For Foreign Domiciled Persons (2018)
This briefing has been prepared for clients domiciled outside Jersey who are considering making a will to cover their Jersey based movable assets.
23 Nov 2018
Here We Go Again: Representation Of A In The Matter Of The G Trust
What's this – surely not another mistake/Hastings-Bass briefing from those people at Walkers?
5 Oct 2018
Bank Fine For Breach Of Probate Rules Underlines Importance Of Following Procedure
The case of an international bank fined £25,000 for transferring the Jersey assets of a deceased client to a foreign court without first requesting a Jersey Probate Grant ...
3 Oct 2018
Cross-Border Estate Planning – Where A Jersey Grant Is Needed For International Assets
Cross-border estates are often complex, requiring clarity and care to ensure that the wishes of the testator (the person making a will) are carried out after death.
14 Aug 2018
The Signing Of Instruments (Miscellaneous Provisions) Jersey Law 2018
A law has been passed in Jersey to enable people to to validly execute legal documents, such as a Will and a Power of Attorney, when they aren't physically capable of signing their name ...
14 Jun 2018
Probate For Jersey Residents: What You Need To Know
Many people don't realise what is involved in administering a person's estate until they have to do it themselves...
5 Jan 2018
Changes To Jersey Law To Look Out For In 2018
In this Q&A, Ogier counsel and probate manager Victoria Grogan looks at some of the key changes due to come into force in Jersey law this year, alongside the areas of law most likely to be discussed in 2018.
4 Jan 2018
In The Matter Of The L Trust: A Textbook Mistake/Hastings-Bass Application
There's something for both trust litigators and non-contentious practitioners in this recent judgment from Jersey's Royal Court, issued on 10 November ([2017] JRC 191).
19 Dec 2017
Reform Of Wills In England And Wales Increases Pressure In Jersey, Says Ogier Counsel
Proposed reforms to probate laws in England and Wales to give courts more leeway to recognise informally drafted wills are likely to lead to similar cases being heard in Jersey ...
19 Dec 2017
What's more important; business or home? An update….
We last discussed this issue in April 2015 following the case of Cooper-Hohn (2014) where one spouse, persuaded the Court of Appeal in England and Wales that their contribution to the finances of the marriage amounted to a "special contribution" so as to justify the Court making an order giving that spouse 64% of the matrimonial assets on divorce.
22 Nov 2017
An Unsent Text Upheld As A Valid Will Raises Questions For Jersey Courts
An Australian case in which a court recognised an unsent text message as a man's Will raises questions that Jersey's Royal Court will one day have to answer...
6 Nov 2017
Making A Will For Your Jersey Property: Q&A With Victoria Grogan
Buying a property is often the catalyst for people to start thinking about whether they should make a will.
2 Oct 2017
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