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Europe's Energy Regulators Work Together To Tackle Market Abuse And Insider Trading
Supported by the market monitoring and coordination activities of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators, ACER, in the last few months, Europe's energy regulators have increasingly used their powers to police...
European Union
15 Aug 2019
Test Program For The New Emissions Trading System In Mexico
The Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales) (SEMARNAT), has submitted to the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement
15 Aug 2019
Bill To Ban Hydraulic Fracturing In Mexico
In a nutshell, this criticism is based on the lack of development of natural gas projects by Pemex and the Mexican government during that period.
8 Aug 2019
Update On Bill C-69 And Bill C-48: Major Changes Are Almost Here
Bill C-69 was tabled in the House of Commons in February 2018, proposing to significantly alter the environmental review and management process for major projects.
30 Jul 2019
Fuel For Thought: Decommissioning Oil And Gas Projects
According to the latest Economic Report from Oil and Gas UK, around 475 fixed facilities, 10,000 kilometres of pipeline and 5,000 wells will have to be decommissioned on the UK's continental shelf.
29 Jul 2019
Uzbekistan's Oil And Gas Sector: Towards Enhanced Efficiency And Transparency
Uzbekistan is continuing to reform its fuel and energy industry to develop its energy resources.
26 Jul 2019
Europe's Energy Regulators Work Together To Tackle Market Abuse And Insider Trading
Compliance activities are visible everywhere. This article is, however, not about core compliance trends and activities such as the DoJ's recent publication on the evaluation of compliance programs
European Union
22 Jul 2019
Dormant No More: BCOGC Erupts With Timing Requirements For The Decommissioning And Restoration Of Well Sites
In April 2018, the NDP government of British Columbia introduced Bill 15: Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Statutes Amendment Act, 2018, which, among other things, gave the Oil and Gas Commission
13 Jun 2019
Guidelines Regulating Exploration And Development Plans
Just over three years ago, the first-ever regulation on the procedure to prepare, submit and evaluate hydrocarbons exploration and development plans was approved by Mexico's upstream regulator...
20 May 2019
Public Energy: Licensing And New Generation Capacity
The Public Private Partnership Act No. 19 of 2010 (the Act) is the principal act made for the purpose of providing an institutional framework for the implementation of public private partnership (PPP)
South Africa
20 May 2019
Uzbekistan's Tariff Policy For The Electricity Industry, Water Supply And Sewerage Services Gains Improvements
On April 13, 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted two resolutions that improve the tariff policy for the country's electricity industry (PKM-310),
9 May 2019
Agribusiness In Africa, Status And Way Forward
Agribusiness is a broad concept which covers all actors and stakeholders involved in the agricultural value chain, from input suppliers to agro-processors but also traders, exporters and retailers.
9 Apr 2019
Recent Developments In Belgium Regarding Production And Research Into Cannabis Products
Following the change of mind that is taking place in many jurisdictions around the world, Belgium is gradually taking steps relating to the production and research into cannabis products for medicinal purposes.
9 Apr 2019
Pipe Dream: Getting Canada's Petroleum Resources To Tidewater
Given the events of 2018, even the most avid proponents of Canada's law legalizing recreational cannabis may struggle to envision a clear path for the construction of a pipeline that would deliver Alberta's...
1 Mar 2019
European Parliament Agrees On Proposed EU Measures To Screen Foreign Direct Investments
On February 14, 2019, the European Parliament (EP) plenary session agreed to adopt an EU mechanism for screening foreign direct investments (FDI) in order to protect strategic sectors
European Union
22 Feb 2019
Germany Takes The First Steps Towards The End Of Coal-Fired Power
In 2018, the German government appointed a Commission on Growth, Structural Change and Employment, known as the Kohlekommission or Coal Commission with the task of evaluating a roadmap for the phase-out of coal-fired power production in Germany.
8 Feb 2019
Redwater – Impacts
Accordingly, the SCC's decision fundamentally changes the application of the law by receivers and trustees.
7 Feb 2019
The Future Of Gas: Transition To Hydrogen In The Gas Grid
Hydrogen is often seen as a key enabler of the energy transition.
22 Jan 2019
Lament For A Pipeline
We are used to reading news of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) curtailing production to address low oil prices and, more recently, it acting in concert with Russia to do so.
20 Dec 2018
Democratic Republic Of The Congo - Adoption Of A Legislative Framework Applicable To Public-Private Partnerships
While public-private partnerships have long been considered in DRC as an option to promote key sectors development, such as the electricity sector ...
13 Dec 2018
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