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Oil And Gas Industry: Short Term Contracts
The Oil and Gas industry has regularly witnessed extensive discussions about the decrease in the term of the natural gas contracts
United Arab Emirates
9 Jul 2019
Taxation Laws In The GCC
Gulf co-operation council is the abbreviated form of GCC. It came into force in 1981.
United Arab Emirates
3 Jul 2019
Service Providers And ICV
The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has implemented its localisation program (In Country Value or "ICV") in November 2017, taking effect in April 2018.
United Arab Emirates
28 Jun 2019
Workforce Nationalisation And Localisation Programs - Key Considerations
This legal briefing gives an overview on how workforce nationalisation and localisation programs are connected and what suppliers need to take into consideration.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jun 2019
Contract And Toll Manufacturing Under ICV And IKTVA – The Easy Way Out?
Since the ICV and IKTVA programs do not allow mutual recognition, suppliers cope to comply with several localisation programs in the region.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jun 2019
Carrying Out Business On ADNOC Facilities And CICPA Security Passes
CICPA is the authority responsible for providing necessary security and protection against any threats, acts of sabotage or potential and unexpected risks that may cause damage or disruption to the functioning of ...
United Arab Emirates
25 Jun 2019
Our Presence In The Middle East
Business across the Middle East continues to diversify and become more sophisticated. With declining oil prices and increasing international competition, CEOs are seeking new ways of doing business.
United Arab Emirates
11 Jun 2019
Global Nuclear Liability Insurance And Claims
Power and energy supply is the backbone of every economy of this world.
15 Feb 2019
The Diamond Industry In UAE
You can never imagine what criminals would do for their evil purpose.
United Arab Emirates
8 Feb 2019
Consolidation Of Economic Status
With the changes and developments in the world, especially in the Middle Eastern region, we face numerous challenges from an economic standpoint.
United Arab Emirates
28 Nov 2018
What Corporations Should Know About Operating In Abu Dhabi
Economists have long debated the effectiveness of laws enacted to spur economic development. But cities continue to try to create jobs and wealth, and some like Abu Dhabi seem to be doing something right.
United Arab Emirates
12 Nov 2018
Overview Of Mining Industry In UAE
The mining industry has for centuries been the driving force behind economies. Whether it is the mining of minerals or metals or precious stones, each mining industry plays a crucial role
United Arab Emirates
3 Sep 2018
Dispute Avoidance: Disentangling UAE Project Design Claims
Traditionally, construction and engineering insurance covers for onshore projects seek to provide property or income protection.
United Arab Emirates
15 May 2018
Court Rejects Ebola Outbreak Excuse By Mining Firm
The firm's decision to halt excavations resulted in equipment damage to a drilling company
United Arab Emirates
7 Dec 2017
Energy And Natural Resources Global Guide 2017
What are the recent developments in the exploration and extraction of mineral resources in the United Arab Emirates?
United Arab Emirates
10 Nov 2017
Is Your Building Eco-Friendly?
We revisit the regulations for green buildings in Dubai.
United Arab Emirates
3 Nov 2017
Iran Renewables Sector Update
In the post-sanctions era, Iran is emerging as an exciting destination for foreign direct investment.
United Arab Emirates
19 Jul 2017
Gulf Between Solar Promise And Reality
This is the reality driving governments in the GCC and the MENA region generally to actively develop solar projects.
United Arab Emirates
19 Jul 2017
Weathering Hardships And Disputes In Long-Term Gas Contracts
Like many other energy industry relationships, natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) are often sold under long-term contracts.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2017
Islamic Finance & Oil Prices: Where To Now?
The variation of petrol prices also would not just affect the Islamic banking industry specifically, but have a systemic effect on the entire banking field.
United Arab Emirates
18 Jul 2017
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