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How to Make Market Volatility Your Friend
Recent market gyrations have made even strong-stomached investors a little queasy. In general, maintaining your positions in a well-diversified portf
United States
20 Aug 2019
The Difference Between Investing And Speculating
Last year, the Harris Poll conducted a survey about investing for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)-with sobering results.
United States
18 Jun 2019
Improving The Efficiency Of Your Practice
In today's world, most business and medical practices do not suffer from being too efficient in their operations.
United States
8 Apr 2019
Study Reveals Hallmarks At Top Firms
Every firm was placed in a quartile based on performance.
United States
8 Apr 2019
Five Strategies To Improve Your Bottom Line
Boosting profits does not always mean plant layoffs.
United States
5 Apr 2019
What Now? Responding To The Improved Economy
After a long recession and slow recovery, the economy seems to be headed back to more stable ground.
United States
11 Sep 2018
Siloing Your Social Media Strategy
Your social media efforts should not exist as an island apart from your organization's other strategies. Be sure to incorporate social media into your overall strategic planning ...
United States
10 Aug 2018
The Most Common Signs You Have Outgrown QuickBooks
We often get asked by growing companies whether or not they have outgrown QuickBooks.
United States
23 Jan 2018
Financial Evolution Of A Start-Up
In the beginning of the evolution of a start-up, it is likely that the founder is in a lone wolf scenario. He or she is grinding away to get the business off the ground.
United States
28 Nov 2017
The Do's And Don'ts Of Pricing Your Product
Do lower costs to lower prices, but do not forget to overlook value. From freemium to premium, you have to decide what's right for your company and its product and what fits industry standards.
United States
24 Aug 2017
Carefully Weigh The Pros And Cons Of Automation
Manufacturers and distributors face rising costs of labor and benefits, burdensome government regulations and a shortage of skilled workers.
United States
16 Aug 2017
Know Your Business Cash Flow
We have talked about this before. In fact, we would say we have almost talked it to death if it were not so important.
United States
15 Aug 2017
Starting a Practice: How To Develop A Budget
When a physician opens a practice, establishing a sensible budget should be top of mind.
United States
9 Aug 2017
How To Become A Reseller In Illinois
We recently had a client ask us what was required to become a reseller in Illinois and we figured why not take that information and make it a little more relatable to all of our awesome retail readers!
United States
3 Jul 2017
Communicating Your Financial Performance To Get Noticed By Investors
Not everyone loves numbers and spreadsheets as much as us folks at ORBA! And, it is not easy communicating financial performance for investors.
United States
9 May 2017
Five Best Practices For Improving Collections
Some of your clients will be slow to pay — and some may not pay at all. Making improvements to your collection process will help your firm's cash flow.
United States
5 May 2017
A Founder's Decision To Sell: Considerations For Obtaining Sustained Value For A Life's Work
Many of the most successful businesses are the product of the investment of its founder's time, energy and money.
United States
28 Apr 2017
Prioritize Your Tasks By ‘Eating Your Frogs' First
If you were to join our weekly team meeting, it would not be surprising to hear a team member say something like, "I did a great job eating my frogs last week" or...
United States
22 Mar 2017
Beyond Benchmarks: Alternative Methods Of Measuring Your Portfolio's Results
How do you know when your investments are performing well?
United States
14 Feb 2017
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