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Court Of Appeal Lifts Stay In Cross Border Class Action
In Kaynes the ONCA recently lifted a stay of a class proceeding in which the Plaintiff is seeking damages for alleged misrepresentations made to shareholders by BP.
19 Aug 2016
Update-Canadian Derivatives Regulation: The New Looming Reality Of Compliance And Costs For Energy Companies
Energy companies use OTC derivatives with financial institutions and other commodity market customers to exchange floating price streams with fixed price streams.
26 Apr 2016
Changes To The Canadian Early Warning Reporting System Adopted By Securities Regulators
The CSA have stated that the Amendments are intended to "provide a greater transparency about significant holdings of reporting issuers' securities" in order to "enhance the quality and integrity of the early warning system".
6 Apr 2016
TSX And TSXV Join Regulators In Accommodating Rights Offerings
The rights offering exemption has historically been an underutilized means of raising capital for public issuers.
3 Feb 2016
Ontario Proposes Whistleblower Regime
On October 28, 2015, the OSC published proposed OSC Policy 15-601 - Whistleblower Program.
11 Nov 2015
Kruger: FX Derivatives Gains/Losses Taxed Only When Realized
In Kruger Incorporated v. The Queen (2015 TCC 119), the Tax Court held that the taxpayer could not value its foreign exchange options contracts on a mark-to-market basis, with the result that certain losses were not deductible by the taxpayer in a year.
11 Jun 2015
TSX Changes Rules On Director Elections; OSC Provides Targeted Participation Fee Relief
The Ontario Securities Commission has approved amendments to Part IV of the Toronto Stock Exchange Company Manual.
20 Mar 2014
Canadian Securities Administrators Adopt New Prospectus Exemption For Distributions To Existing Security Holders
The securities regulatory authorities in all Canadian jurisdictions published Multilateral CSA Notice 45-313.
20 Mar 2014
Alberta Securities Commission Publishes Staff Notice 91-704 Over-The-Counter Derivatives Transactions
On January 2, 2014, Alberta Securities Commission staff published Staff Notice 91-704 Over-the-Counter Derivatives Transactions summarizing the current regulatory framework governing over-the-counter derivatives trades in Alberta.
21 Jan 2014
Canada’s First Set Of Harmonized Derivatives Rules (Trade Reporting) Published By Three Provinces: Ontario, Quebec And Manitoba
As mandatory reporting of OTC derivative contracts to trade repositories takes effect globally, the Ontario Securities Commission, the Quebec Autorité des marchés financiers and the Manitoba Securities Commission on November 14, 2013, simultaneously published the first province-specific set of harmonized derivatives rules in Canada.
2 Dec 2013
TSX Staff Notice Guidance Impacts IPO Plans
On November 7, 2013, the Toronto Stock Exchange issued a Staff Notice to Applicants, Listed Issuers, Securities Lawyers and Participating Organizations that provides guidance for companies considering a listing on the TSX.
19 Nov 2013
Canadian Proposed Derivatives Regulatory Regime
In efforts to meet Canada's G-20 commitments related to OTC derivatives market reform, the Bank of Canada, the Canadian Securities Administrators and various provincial securities commissions have set out their proposals and views related to OTC derivative market reform and regulation.
26 Jun 2013
A Critical Assessment Of CSA Consultation Paper 91-407-Derivatives: Registration
The Canadian Securities Administrators Derivatives Committee recently published the "CSA Consultation Paper 91-407 Derivatives: Registration" requesting comment.
30 May 2013
Commentary On Toronto Stock Exchange Amendments And The Proposed Amendment To Part IV Of The Toronto Stock Exchange Company Manual
On September 9, 2011, the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX"), an exchange in the TMX Group, published a request for comments regarding a number of rule amendments to the Toronto Stock Exchange Company Manual (the "TSX Manual") with respect to director election practices for TSX listed issuers.
26 Dec 2012
CSA Seeks Comments On Model Rules Related To Derivatives
On December 6, 2012, the Canadian Securities Administrators ("CSA") published CSA Staff Consultation Paper 91-301, requesting comments regarding the following Model Provincial Rules: Derivatives: Product Determination (the "Scope Rule") and Trade Repositories and Derivatives Data Reporting (the "TR Rule" and collectively, the "Model Rules").
19 Dec 2012
Letter In Response To Request For Comments From The Alberta Securities Commission, November 16, 2012
In this letter, we comment from a legal, as opposed to a business, standpoint on the proposed amendments in the Notice of Republication and Request for Comment.
27 Nov 2012
Proposed Amendments To The TSX Company Manual - Majority Voting
Pursuant to recent amendments to the TSX Company Manual (the "Manual"), which will become effective on December 31, 2012, issuers listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (the "TSX") will be required to disclose whether they have adopted a "majority voting" policy in respect of director elections.
8 Nov 2012
TSX Requests Comments On Majority Voting Policy – Proposed Amendments To Part IV Of The Company Manual
On October 4, 2012, the Toronto Stock Exchange ("TSX") released a request for comments on proposed amendments to Part IV of the TSX Company Manual (the "Proposed Amendments").
24 Oct 2012
Comment Letter To CSA Consultation Paper 91-406 – OTC Central Counterparty Clearing
The proposed reforms to the regulation of over-the-counter ("OTC") derivatives in Canada and in other global jurisdictions are set to introduce major changes to the way OTC derivatives are transacted, the operations of market participants in the OTC derivatives market and the documentation of OTC derivatives transactions.
27 Sep 2012
Letter In Response To Request For Comments Re: CSA Consultation Paper 91-405 - Derivatives: End-User Exemption
This letter is in response to the request for comments regarding Canadian Securities Administrators Consultation Paper 91-405 - Derivatives: End-User Exemption.
18 Sep 2012
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