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Legal Entity Identifiers: The Cyprus Perspective
With the implementation from 3 January 2018 of EU Directive 2014/65/EU on markets in financial instruments (MiFID II) and accompanying Regulation (EU) No 600/2014 (MiFIR), additional requirements ...
25 Feb 2018
Cayman Islands Investment Funds: What You Need To Know And Do By The End Of 2017
15 January 2018 - Annual fees paid to CIMA for registered funds1. 31 December 2017 - Cayman Islands funds classified as reporting financial institutions (which will effectively be all investment funds ...
Cayman Islands
3 Dec 2017
Implementation Of MiFID II In Cyprus: Enhanced Investor Protection
This is the second in a series of articles on the implementation of Directive 2014/65/EU, (MiFID II), in Cyprus. Below we explore changes to the local industry that mandates greater investor protection.
20 Nov 2017
MiFID II And Cyprus: Ready For 2018
Cyprus has given full effect to Directive 2014/65/EU, (MiFID II), through the enactment of the Investment Services and Investment Activities and Regulated Markets Law 2017 (New IS Law).
European Union
9 Nov 2017
Post Hurricanes Irma And Maria - Important Information For BVI Property Owners
Harneys weathered Hurricanes Irma and Maria and our BVI office reopened shortly after the passage of the storms with all teams and practice groups providing normal client service
British Virgin Islands
19 Oct 2017
Guide To Ship Finance In The Cayman Islands
Mortgage registration is evidenced by a certificate of registry, but because this is a document used for navigation purposes, it is more likely that a copy of the transcript of British Registry...
Cayman Islands
12 Jun 2017
Getting Financial Services Licensees In Shape For The Caribbean FATF Inspection
The BVI is expected to undergo its fourth round of mutual evaluation by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) in 2018 based on the Financial Action Task Force's (FATF) international standards on combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism and proliferation.
British Virgin Islands
24 May 2017
New Law Gives BVI FSC Discretion To Restrict Publication Of Enforcement Actions
The Financial Services Commission Act 2001 was amended by the Financial Services Commission (Amendment) Act 2017 (the Amendment) on 1 May 2017.
British Virgin Islands
15 May 2017
Will Brexit Have An Impact On Offshore Financial Services?
Now that the United Kingdom has served notice to leave the European Union under Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, managers of offshore funds have a clearer timetable for when Brexit will happen, with the UK scheduled to leave the EU in March 2019.
British Virgin Islands
10 Apr 2017
Russia Sanctions And The Use Of EU-Based Holding Companies And SPVs
This Article examines in summary whether EU-based subsidiaries of the sanctioned Russian state-owned entities listed in Council Regulation (EU) 833/2014 (Regulation 833)
European Union
5 Apr 2017
BRRD - The Cyprus position
In early 2013 the Cyprus banking sector was in severe difficulties. As a result of the disproportionately large banking sector, Cyprus was facing a major economic crisis.
20 Jan 2017
Cyprus Market Abuse Law - PDMRs And Closed Periods
On 14 October 2016, Cyprus enacted the Market Abuse Law No. 102(I)/2016 (the Law) implementing the Market Abuse Regulation 596/2016 (MAR) and abolishing the previous legislation.
British Virgin Islands
20 Jan 2017
BVI Funds Products For Emerging Managers Who Are Thinking Of Setting Up A Fund
The BVI offers two lightly regulated open-ended fund products, the incubator fund and the approved fund...
British Virgin Islands
13 Dec 2016
BVI Completes Updates On Iran Sanctions Legislation To Comply With JCPOA
On 16 November 2016, the BVI Financial Investigation Agency (FIA) issued Statutory Instrument 69 of 2016 entitled "The Direction Given by the Financial Investigation Agency (Revocation) Order 2016".
British Virgin Islands
2 Dec 2016
BVI Segregated Portfolio Companies Go From Strength To Strength
Segregated Portfolio Companies (SPCs) are well recognised and widely used corporate vehicles, and the BVI is seeing increasing demand for them in the funds context.
British Virgin Islands
16 Nov 2016
Guide To Exempted Limited Partnerships In The Cayman Islands
The Exempted Limited Partnership Law (the ELP Law) governs the formation of exempted limited partnerships (ELPs) in the Cayman Islands.
British Virgin Islands
15 Nov 2016
Guide To Continuing Obligations Of A Cayman Islands Exempted Limited Partnership Closed-Ended Fund
Note in particular that penalties frequently apply for late filings and so the registered office should be informed promptly of any notifiable changes to allow the appropriate filing/s to be made.
British Virgin Islands
15 Nov 2016
Brexit Rollercoaster Ride Continues
The political and economic rollercoaster ride we've been on here in the UK since the EU referendum in June seems set to continue following Thursday's High Court judgment in London.
European Union
11 Nov 2016
Brexit: Passporting Through Cyprus
Cyprus can offer a solution to international firms and institutions seeking certainty over access to the EU Single Market.
British Virgin Islands
27 Oct 2016
Senior Officer Resignations – What Steps Do Licensees Need To Take?
This article reviews the steps licensees must take to avoid risking enforcement action as a breach of the parent legislation under which the licensee's licence is granted.
British Virgin Islands
27 Sep 2016
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