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CIMA Releases FAQ On The Recent Changes To AML Regulations
The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (the "Authority") outlines below, for your reference, its response to frequently asked questions relating to the AMLRs/GN in relation to funds:
Cayman Islands
27 Jul 2018
Central Bank Of Ireland Enhancements To Loan Originating Fund Rules
Ireland was the first European Union member state to introduce a specific regulatory framework for loan originating investment funds.
28 Feb 2018
Brexit Planning For Investment Managers With A UK Presence
The recent and unexpected outcome of the UK general election has served only to add to the Brexit angst of the asset management community.
Cayman Islands
11 Aug 2017
How Prepared Is The Uk Fund Industry For Brexit?
In the first of our four-part series of surveys DMS have addressed the question of Brexit and the results were surprising.
European Union
23 Jun 2017
How To Prepare For MiFID II Information Management Challenges
When MiFID II comes into place on 3 January 2018, it will be amongst the broadest of financial industry legislations.
Cayman Islands
12 Jun 2017
Cayman Islands AEOI Update U.S. FATCA And Common Reporting Standard Deadlines Aligned
The Department for International Tax Cooperation ("DITC") has released Version 2.0 of the Common Reporting Standard ("CRS") Guidance Notes and clarified certain areas:
Cayman Islands
25 May 2017
The Impact Of MiFID II On The Funds Industry
The introduction of MiFID II across Europe on 3rd of January 2018 will represent the largest single body of regulation to affect the investment management industry, while also imposing a number of new...
Cayman Islands
25 May 2017
Ireland Cements Its Place As The Gateway To European Capital
How the Irish Financial Services Industry Continues to Provide Stability in an Uncertain World.
3 Mar 2017
MiFID II New European Regulation To Govern Increasing Demand For Bespoke Investment Strategies
MiFID II is an important and key regulatory game changer for the investment fund and capital market industry;
European Union
20 Feb 2017
Common Reporting Standard: Implementation In Asia
The Common Reporting Standard ("CRS") is an internationally agreed standard for automatic exchange of financial account information ("AEOI") on financial account information...
Cayman Islands
5 Dec 2016
Good News For Direct Lending Funds: Central Bank Of Ireland Relaxes Restrictions
On 25th November, the CBI announced a welcome change to their requirements for Loan Originating Qualifying Investor Alternative Investment Funds (LQIAIFs) which will take effect from 3rd January 2017.
2 Dec 2016
Has Luxembourg Found The Middle Ground For Hedge Funds?
Prior to the much heralded roll out of the AIFMD in 2013, Luxembourg was staunchly entrenched as the leading domicile for regulated mutual funds and private equity funds in Europe.
23 Nov 2016
Finance Monthly Special Report: Outsourcing
There are various types of services that financial institutions and fund managers look to outsource depending on their size, budget, in-house capabilities, and purpose.
Cayman Islands
10 Aug 2016
DMS Bespoke Solutions Amid Brexit Uncertainty
As the dust is finally settling on last Thursday's historic result, with the aftermath sending shockwaves across the political, economic and regulatory spectrum, what does this all mean for the UK's asset management industry?
European Union
28 Jun 2016
DMS Adds Efficient Capital CTA Index Fund To UCITS ICAV Platform
Fund governance firm DMS Offshore Investment Services (DMS) has added Efficient Capital's CTA Index Fund to its UCITS ICAV platform.
Cayman Islands
2 Jun 2016
DMS Offshore Investment Services Launches Arena Capital Advisors on UCITS V Irish Platform
DMS Offshore Investment Services Ltd. (DMS), the world's largest fund governance firm, and Arena Capital Advisors (Arena) have announced the launch of the Arena Short Duration High Income Fund hosted on DMS UCITS ICAV platform.
Cayman Islands
21 Apr 2016
CRS Update: Self-Certification Forms
The Cayman Islands Tax Information Authority, on December 8, 2015 provided the following implementation updates for the Common Reporting Standard...
Cayman Islands
22 Dec 2015
Growth In FATCA And AIFMD Compliance
DMS Managing Director Derek Delaney and Executive Director Nicholas Parkes discuss the firm's innovative regulatory solutions with respect to FATCA and AIFMD, in Hedgeweek Special Report 2015.
Cayman Islands
16 Dec 2015
Global FATCA: Let's Do It Again
Fifty-three jurisdictions have agreed to automatic exchange of tax information beginning in 2017, under the OECD's Common Reporting Standard.
16 Dec 2015
Cayman Regulations Bring CRS Into Effect
The Cayman Islands government, on October 20 2015, advised that the CRS regulations are now in force and are a key component of Cayman's implementation of automatic exchange of financial account information...
Cayman Islands
22 Oct 2015
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