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Top 25 NZX companies not solely reliant on banks for funding
Most of NZX's top 25 listed companies now have a diverse mix of debt funding - a trend which is likely to continue.
New Zealand
7 Mar 2019
The new PPSR – you need to get on to it now
The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) incorporates the introduction of the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).
New Zealand
23 Nov 2018
Conduct and culture banking review - shift expected by end of March 2019
The FMA/RBNZ will also provide individual feedback that is specific to each bank, along with their general observations.
New Zealand
12 Nov 2018
The Hayne report: small and medium sized enterprises
Article focuses on the implications of the Australian Royal Commission for small and medium sized enterprises.
New Zealand
30 Oct 2018
The Hayne report: Australian banking royal commission interim report: agricultural lending
This Brief Counsel examines issues raised in the interim report relating to agricultural lending, with NZ implications.
New Zealand
24 Oct 2018
Australian Banking Royal Commission: interim report: one step closer to judgement day
This Brief Counsel is the first in a series on the report and is an overview of the report's structure and content.
New Zealand
10 Oct 2018
IFRS 16 Leases accounting standard and you
This changed accounting standard has a broad range of impacts on lessees' reported financial position and performance.
New Zealand
17 Sep 2018
Lenders can use Property Law Act notices to call up a loan
The Court of Appeal has ruled that a lender can issue an acceleration notice without waiting for a PLA notice to expire.
New Zealand
9 Aug 2015
Can a lender use a Property Law Act notice to call up a loan?
The High Court has ruled that a lender cannot issue a notice to accelerate a loan before the expiry of a Property Law Act notice.
New Zealand
15 Mar 2015
Final Financial Markets Conduct Act regulations tip scale at over 700 pages
The regulations have been signed off and released by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
New Zealand
9 Nov 2014
Guidance on governance frameworks under the FMCA
The 18-page Guidance Note relates to governance obligations under Part 4 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act (FMCA).
New Zealand
9 Oct 2014
Win to ASIC in responsible lending regime
The case reinforces the importance of accurate and complete record keeping by lenders and has points of interest for NZ.
1 Sep 2014
Feedback sought on Responsible Lending Code
Feedback is sought on a Responsible Lending Code to support the reforms to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act.
New Zealand
15 Jul 2014
NZ signs FATCA agreement with the US
New Zealand financial institutions' FATCA obligations are clarified with today's signing of a NZ/US agreement.
New Zealand
17 Jun 2014
First phase FMCA begins 1 April: a new financial markets conduct regime
We highlight the main things to look out for in the new regimes of the reform of New Zealand's capital markets law.
New Zealand
3 Apr 2014
Model PPSA provisions for Australian security documents
Five international law firms with a presence in Australia have got together and developed a set of model PPSA provisions.
New Zealand
9 Jun 2013
Will the wider credit contracts definition catch you? The Consumer Credit and Financial Services Law Reform Bil
The Consumer Credit and Financial Services Law Reform Bill will require more people to register as financial service providers.
New Zealand
2 May 2013
Tighter trustee requirements – with more to come
Brief on new regulations and its effect on trustees of debt securities, KiwiSaver schemes and unit trusts.
New Zealand
16 Sep 2011
NZBA deed of priority does not affect mortgagor sales
NZ Court of Appeal confirms that a deed of priority limits a mortgagee’s priority only in mortgagee/receivership sale.
New Zealand
15 Sep 2011
Shutting the stable door – new regime for non-bank deposit takers
Non-bank deposit takers will require a licence and be subject to prudential requirements.
New Zealand
4 Aug 2011
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