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As A Public Charge Rule Is Finalized by DHS, Concern Over Upcoming DOJ Rule Grows
Last Fall, we wrote about a proposed regulation issued by the Department of Homeland Security that involved one of our favorite topics: the intersection of immigration and health care law.
United States
21 Aug 2019
New Executive Order Could Restrict Medicaid Coverage For Non-U.S. Citizens Seeking Immigration Benefits
We have written in the past about the link between Medicaid and immigration. Last October, we described a proposed rule issued by the Department of Homeland Security
United States
17 Jun 2019
USCIS: Working In Cannabis Industry Shows Lack Of Moral Character
Immigrants who undertake the cumbersome process of becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen need to establish their "good moral character" ("GMC") ...
United States
30 May 2019
How Does The New H-1B Cap Rule Impact This Year's Filings?
As U.S. employers begin to prepare for the upcoming H-1B cap season, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) ...
United States
8 Feb 2019
USCIS Proposed Changes To The H-1B Cap Filing Process: What You Need To Know
On Monday, December 3, 2018, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published in the federal register a proposed new rule ...
United States
11 Dec 2018
Immigration And Health Care: Some New Developments
We have written recently about the interrelationship between the Medicaid program and U.S. immigration law.
United States
12 Oct 2018
Immigrant Access To Healthcare
Some things in the world would be much simpler if they stayed separate, but we all can't have what we want.
United States
25 Sep 2018
The International Entrepreneur Rule Update
The International Entrepreneur Rule ("IE Rule") has been in a constant state of fits in starts since its publication on January 17, 2017.
United States
18 Jul 2018
Document Diligence: An Employer's Guide To I-9 And H-1B Compliance
As we reported last month, Acting Executive Associate Director for Homeland Security Investigations ("HSI") Derek N. Benner stated in a May 14, 2018 press release ...
United States
18 Jul 2018
H-1B Compliance: What To Do When You Terminate Your H-1B Employee
Many employers are aware that they are responsible for the reasonable cost of an H-1B worker's return transportation home if they terminate an employee prior to the expiration of their H-1B petition.
United States
16 Jul 2018
The Changing Tides Of The H-1B Visa Adjudication
Employers are experiencing changes in the H-1B adjudicative process resulting in challenges in planning supplement professional work force hiring.
United States
16 Jul 2018
State Department Limits Visa Validity Periods For Citizens Of China
The State Department began to implement a new policy on June 11, 2018 that shortens the validity period granted and imposes additional security clearances before a visa is issued to certain Chinese citizens...
United States
16 Jul 2018
Worksite Enforcement Investigations On The Rise
Acting Executive Associate Director for Homeland Security Investigations ("HSI") Derek N. Benner stated in a May 14, 2018 press release that "Employers need to understand that the integrity ...
United States
30 May 2018
Traveling To The U.S.? You May Have To Provide Social Media And Other Personal Data To The U.S. Government
The State Department posted two Federal Register notices that propose to revise questions it asks temporary and permanent visa applicants when applying to come to the U.S.
United States
3 May 2018
What Do F-1 Students Need To Know As They Await The Fate Of Their H-1B Cap Petition?
As reported on April 6, 2018, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received more H-1B cap petitions than the statutory available visas for both the general cap of 65,000 available...
United States
2 May 2018
Federal Judge Issues Decision That Can Determine DACA's Fate
On April 24, 2018, a district judge for the District of D.C. ruled that the Trump administration's decision to rescind the DACA program was arbitrary and capricious under the Administrative Procedure Act.
United States
30 Apr 2018
Are You Ready For USCIS H-1B Site Visits Or Department Of Labor Audits?
Now that the FY 2019 H-1B cap has been reached, make sure you have a strong immigration compliance programs in place ...
United States
12 Apr 2018
H-1B Cap Reached For Fiscal Year 2019
Today, April 6, 2018, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ("USCIS") announced that it has received more H-1B cap ...
United States
11 Apr 2018
New Portal For F-1 International Students And An Update On Potential Changes To OPT Rules
International students studying in the U.S. (typically in F-1 nonimmigrant status) must comply with many federal regulations while studying and working in the U.S. Much of their information is coordinated ...
United States
6 Apr 2018
Border Searches Of Travelers' Electronic Devices Remain An Evolving Area Of U.S. Law
Last year, we provided an update on the Trump administration's controversial ramp up of border searches and inspections of electronic devices of travelers applying for admission to the U.S.
United States
28 Mar 2018
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