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Immigration: Dependent income thresholds increased
The minimum income requirements for some visa categories have recently been increased. Why? What? Who is impacted?
New Zealand
28 May 2019
Immigration New Zealand skill shortage lists updated
Regularly updating skill shortage lists ensures immigration policies are adaptable to changing labour market conditions.
New Zealand
16 May 2019
Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for select visitors to New Zealand
Implementing an ETA system will allow the authorities to pre-screen individuals, before they travel to New Zealand.
New Zealand
11 Apr 2019
What you need to know about employer-assisted work visas
2019 is seeing major changes proposed by the Government to affect the six most commonly utilised work visa categories.
New Zealand
6 Apr 2019
Significant changes proposed to employer-supported work visas
This immigration update provides a brief overview of key proposed changes to the employer-assisted work visa framework.
New Zealand
14 Feb 2019
Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List (CISSL)
To supplement construction or infrastructure workers with immigrant labour, employers should be aware of this new CISSL.
New Zealand
18 Jan 2019
Immigration Update: Holiday pay for employees on work visas
This update is for employers enforcing a mandatory Christmas close-down. with migrant workers on temporary entry visas.
New Zealand
9 Jan 2019
Delayed processing times for visa applications
INZ typically experience high numbers of visa applications and temporary processing backlogs, during the summer months.
New Zealand
14 Dec 2018
Changes to minimum income thresholds in some immigrant visa categories
Increases will be made across the essential skills work visa and skilled migrant residence visa categories.
New Zealand
26 Nov 2018
Introduction of a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (ETA)
The ETA system aims to streamline the New Zealand entry process and hopefully will improve the traveller experience.
New Zealand
22 Nov 2018
Confirmed increases to visa application fees
Article details the increases to visa application fees, lists those who will be impacted and provides advice.
New Zealand
9 Oct 2018
Get in quick - visa application fees set to rise
Explanation of increases in application fees for NZ visas.
New Zealand
12 Sep 2018
Changes to interim visa conditions
Article discusses positive changes for all temporary visa applicants.
New Zealand
5 Sep 2018
Immigration Update: post study work visa changes confirmed
On 8 August 2018, the Minister of Immigration announced confirmed changes to the post study work visa rules.
New Zealand
5 Sep 2018
Building and construction visas proposed
The Minister of Immigration has proposed changes to make it easier for the NZ construction industry to employ migrants.
New Zealand
4 Aug 2018
Minimum income thresholds for some visa categories increased
The changes will ensure that migrants have enough money to support themselves and their dependents while in New Zealand.
New Zealand
21 Jul 2018
Proposed changes to post-study work visas
These changes are designed to ensure that the migrants who are granted residence have the skills that New Zealand needs.
New Zealand
16 Jul 2018
Visa applications for dependents go online
As of 6 May 2018, partners and dependent children of NZ citizens or residents can now make visa applications online.
New Zealand
14 Jul 2018
No more visa labels
INZ will no longer place visa labels in physical passports, unless specifically requested, and after a fee is paid.
New Zealand
12 Jul 2018
Are you, as a non-resident, thinking of buying a house in New Zealand?
The proposal is to extend the OIA so that non-residents cannot buy NZ houses or residential land, without OIO permission.
New Zealand
24 Apr 2018
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