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Considering Making A Qualified Opportunity Zone Investment?
Qualified Opportunity Zones are a hot topic in the tax and business world, and are an opportunity that span into almost any business market.
United States
15 Mar 2019
Now Is The Time To Review Your Tax Provisions
As tax season is underway, one important deadline is coming that should not be overlooked.
United States
27 Feb 2019
Before 2018 Ends, Be Sure Your Partnership Agreements Are Up To Date
As 2018 comes to a close, it is important to make sure that your partnership and LLC agreements reflect the new tax law that went into effect on January 1, 2018.
United States
7 Dec 2018
IRS Issues Guidance On Qualified Opportunity Zones
The 2017 Tax Cut and Jobs Act included significant new tax benefits for investments in qualified opportunity zones.
United States
23 Oct 2018
Tax Court Decision Another Blow To Medical Marijuana Industry
The recent Tax Court decision, Alterman v. Commissioner, struck yet another tax blow against the growing medical marijuana industry.
United States
18 Jun 2018
IRS Announces End Of FBAR Voluntary Disclosure Program
As I discussed in a prior blog post, if you have more than $10,000 in a foreign bank account, you are obligated to file Form 114 (commonly known as an FBAR).
United States
15 Mar 2018
Tax Cut And Jobs Act Limits Benefit Of Carried Interest
This change will be of particular impact to taxpayers such as real estate developers and real estate fund sponsors.
United States
5 Mar 2018
Think Twice Before Taking Out A Home Equity Loan
One rule that has seen important changes is the home interest deduction.
United States
8 Feb 2018
New Interest Expense Limitation Explained
The Tax Act introduced a new rule limiting a businesses ability to deduct interest expense. I recently wrote an article that explained the new limitation. It can be found here.
United States
5 Feb 2018
How The Tax Cut And Jobs Act Impacts Expensing And Depreciation (For The Better)
Last month, President Trump signed into law the much publicized Tax Cut and Jobs Act. In part of our ongoing series discussing the changes made by the Act, the following discusses key changes...
United States
19 Jan 2018
BREAKING: House Passes Final $1.5T Tax Cut Bill
December 20, 2017 - This morning, Congress passed the Republican's tax reform bill, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the "Act"). President Trump is expected to sign the Act into law almost immediately.
United States
21 Dec 2017
Are Your Partnerships Ready For 2018?
While the news is filled with the ongoing tax reform activity in Congress, there is one tax change that is already in place to take effect January 1, 2018 – the repeal and replacement of the tax audit...
United States
5 Dec 2017
House Republicans Release (Simplified?) Tax Reform Bill
The House Republican's tax reform bill – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – was released today. This bill is 429 pages (this is simplifying?) and provides for extensive tax reform.
United States
3 Nov 2017
Treasury Withdraws Problematic Section 2704 Discount Regulation
This proposed regulation was very unpopular among tax practitioners and its withdrawal is viewed as a positive change.
United States
2 Nov 2017
Tax Reform Bill Delayed Until Tomorrow
The bill is now expected to be released tomorrow.
United States
2 Nov 2017
Tax Reform Bill To Be Released November 1
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady announced that the House's tax reform bill will be released next week on November 1.
United States
30 Oct 2017
Treasury To Repeal/Revise 8 Burdensome Regs
As previously discussed, the IRS and Treasury identified in July eight Obama era tax regulations that are burdensome on taxpayers. The next step for Treasury was to determine what to do with these regulations, and today we got Treasury's answer.
United States
5 Oct 2017
Proposed Regulations Limiting Discounts On Family Gifts Targeted For Reform
Last summer, we discussed the IRS's issuance of new Proposed Regulations under Section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code, which regulations would severely impact discounts on gifts made to family members.
United States
24 Jul 2017
IRS Identifies 8 Burdensome Regulations For Reform
Responding to a Trump Executive Order, the Treasury Department has reviewed all significant tax regulations issued after December 31, 2015 and identified eight regulations to be reformed to mitigate the burden...
United States
21 Jul 2017
Good News For Taxpayers: IRS Targets For Reform Burdensome Regulations On Partnerships, Corporations, REITs, Estates, And More
Earlier this year, President Trump issued Executive Order 13789, which ordered the Treasury Department to review all significant tax regulations issued after December 31, 2015 and identify regulations...
United States
19 Jul 2017
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