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Step By Step Guide To UAE VAT Registration
John Peacock, Head of Indirect Tax and Conveyancing, and Tyne Hugo, Associate, wrote a comprehensive step by step process on how to register for VAT in UAE.
United Arab Emirates
19 Apr 2018
Dubai Chamber Workshop Highlights Important Legal Aspects Of VAT
The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a workshop today which helped familiarise businesses and professionals with essential, legal and practical aspects of the recently introduced VAT.
United Arab Emirates
18 Apr 2018
UAE's Rise In Complexity A Natural Result Of VAT Introduction
Following on from its inaugural ranking of 92, this year the UAE is 74th out of 94 jurisdictions globally for financial complexity.
United Arab Emirates
17 Apr 2018
Achieving Economic Substance For Offshore Entities In UAE
A major problem faced today by trading corporations established in offshore jurisdictions is to satisfy the "economic substance" criterion.
United Arab Emirates
17 Apr 2018
The New Regulatory Development In India - GST
GST (the Goods and Services Tax) is finally here just like winter in Game of Thrones. The much-awaited indirect-tax regime was honored with the throne on 13 July 2017, solely to stimulate the growth in Indian economy.
United Arab Emirates
20 Mar 2018
Setting Up A Company In The UAE
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the most attractive business markets on earth. However, setting up a business here can be rather tedious if you are not familiar with the country.
United Arab Emirates
6 Mar 2018
International Taxation: Tax Avoidance Vs Evasion
Keeping in mind the contradiction between the heading of this article and the quotation above, I wish to draw your attention to an illustration
United Arab Emirates
20 Feb 2018
VAT And Dubai
With Value Added Tax now a part of business in Dubai, Aziz Rahman and Ben Ticehurst consider the precautions that those in business must take.
United Arab Emirates
6 Feb 2018
Tax Invoice Under UAE VAT Law
Article 59 of the VAT Regulations provides a complete format of the Tax Invoice.
United Arab Emirates
5 Feb 2018
Cloud Computing And Transfer Pricing
In these times life without Netflix or Google Drive is hard to imagine, right? Accessing your all-time favorite movies from wherever you are to whenever you need ...
United Arab Emirates
30 Jan 2018
Ministry Of Finance Issues Cabinet Decisions For Implementation Of VAT
The Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on 9 January 2018 issued two Cabinet Decisions.
United Arab Emirates
12 Jan 2018
Doing Business In The UAE - New VAT Rules For 2018 And Their Impact On Franchising
As part of an on-going programme to re-balance the economy away from oil revenues and enhance the UAE's business environment, a new 5% VAT regime came into effect on January 1, 2018.
United Arab Emirates
11 Jan 2018
VAT In The UAE And Saudi Arabia - The Impact On IP Owners
With Value added tax (VAT) set to be introduced in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, this guide summarises the circumstances in which we will, and will not, be required to charge VAT to our clients.
United Arab Emirates
27 Dec 2017
Getting Along With VAT
With the enactment of new reforms in 2017, the UAE business setting has changed due to the issuance of new tax laws regarding tax procedures, excise and value added tax (VAT).
United Arab Emirates
19 Dec 2017
All You Need To Know About Establishing An International University Branch Campus In Dubai
The UAE offers lots of opportunities for universities looking to establish an international campus. With a thriving education sector, it remains a draw for investors ...
United Arab Emirates
12 Dec 2017
VAT And Non-Profit Organisations In The UAE
With the implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE from 1 January 2018, the deadline is looming and many charities and non-profit organisations are confused ...
United Arab Emirates
8 Dec 2017
The Executive Regulations On VAT Law (Decision 52 Of 2017)
The UAE Cabinet Decision 52 of 2017 on the executive regulations (the Executive Regulations) of the Federal Decree Law Number 8 of 2017 on Value Added Tax (the VAT Law) has shed light on the details...
United Arab Emirates
6 Dec 2017
New VAT Implications Impacting The Region – Key Measures To Consider For Insurers In The GCC
Value Added Tax (VAT) is set to make its debut in the GCC in 2018, regardless of the VAT rate being one of the lowest VAT rates across the globe; its introduction will provide an alternative source of revenue for GC governments and contribute towards regional development.
United Arab Emirates
5 Dec 2017
VAT Is Happening In The Free Zone
The uncertainty regarding whether or not VAT will be applied in the free zones has also been clarified by the release of the Regulations
United Arab Emirates
28 Nov 2017
UAE VAT: Two Urgent Action Points For Businesses
The draft UAE Executive Regulations provide two immediate action points – register for VAT as soon as possible and review your contractual position.
United Arab Emirates
21 Nov 2017
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