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The Hayne report: Australian banking royal commission interim report: agricultural lending
This Brief Counsel examines issues raised in the interim report relating to agricultural lending, with NZ implications.
New Zealand
24 Oct 2018
Te Pūrongo Ture
Newsletter which includes a discussion of a landmark case that will reshape the way government deals with iwi interests.
New Zealand
3 Oct 2018
Supreme Court decision will reshape how the Government deals with iwi interests
It remains to be seen how the Crown responds to this judgment but the threat of judicial review by iwi will be a concern.
New Zealand
21 Sep 2018
Landmark case will reshape way Government deals with iwi land interests
Governments and the Waitangi Tribunal may have to consider iwi and hapu rights when making decisions affecting Maori.
New Zealand
20 Sep 2018
Work still to go on overseas investment regime
This Bill only aims to reduce foreign competition for residential properties and change rules on forestry acquisitions.
New Zealand
1 Aug 2018
Overseas Investment Amendment Bill enters home straight
The Act requires overseas persons to obtain consent before acquiring certain assets, including certain residential land.
New Zealand
1 Aug 2018
ETS forestry regulation changes
These proposed amendments are intended to simplify the requirements for forest owners to operate within the ETS.
New Zealand
18 Jun 2018
Farm Debt Mediation Bill
The Farm Debt Mediation Bill sets up a mandatory mediation step before appointing a receiver for agricultural debt.
New Zealand
28 May 2018
Iwi business flourishing – more benefits for members
Business-savvy iwi are now extending their investment into more social initiatives that directly benefit iwi members.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2018
Foreign investment rules tightened
The rules for overseas investing into rural land and forest land have been tightened, and further changes are expected.
New Zealand
2 Dec 2017
Overseas investment regime – the shape of things to come
The new fee structure for the OIO screening regime was only part of the solution to lifting performance and turnaround.
New Zealand
29 Jun 2016
Investor fined for poor overseas investment advice
The company was fined for a purchase involving sensitive land, without consent under the Overseas Investment Act (OIA).
New Zealand
20 Apr 2016
First principles review on urban planning law
This NZ review of urban planning rules and processes intends to identify the most appropriate system of land allocation.
New Zealand
2 Nov 2015
No punches pulled in Productivity Commission's land use report
The Commission focused its inquiry on the territorial authorities in New Zealand's ten fastest growing urban areas.
New Zealand
28 Jun 2015
Can a lender use a Property Law Act notice to call up a loan?
The High Court has ruled that a lender cannot issue a notice to accelerate a loan before the expiry of a Property Law Act notice.
New Zealand
15 Mar 2015
Court digs new hole for Harcourts Building owner
Discussion of a recent High Court decision concerning building safety.
New Zealand
9 Nov 2014
Compulsory acquisition rights not so sweeping after all
The government can't compulsorily acquire land for utility operators to relocate infrastructure for government projects.
New Zealand
9 May 2013
Case clarifies scope of "disturbance payments" in Public Works Act
Issues have already emerged in the compulsory acquisition of land in Christchurch so it is useful to have some clarity.
New Zealand
24 Mar 2013
Buying and developing property
Discusses buying and developing property for NZ business.
New Zealand
3 Aug 2011
The Marine and Coastal Area Act - alchemy at work
The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011, passed last week, is essentially an experiment in political and legal alchemy. Akin to the fabled quest to turn copper into gold, the Act seeks to translate – but also transform – customary, common law and Treaty of Waitangi rights into a self-contained statutory regime.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2011
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