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The Brazilian Guaranteed Real Estate Bill
The Guaranteed Real Estate Bill (Letra Imobiliária Garantida - LIG) is a new credit instrument for long-term funding by financial institutions destined to real estate credit expansion, created by the Brazilian Federal Government by means of Provisional Measure ..
8 Jan 2015
The Treatment Given To Credits Secured By Fiduciary Assignment In The Judicial Recovery Plan Of A Brazilian Company
The Fourth Chamber of the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice (Superior Tribunal de Justiça – STJ) ruled that credits secured by fiduciary assignment (cessão fiduciária) of receivables are not subject to the judicial recovery plan of a Brazilian company .
22 Feb 2013
Foreign Investments In Brazilian Real Estate Investment Funds Are No Longer Subject To The Tax On Exchange Transactions (IOF)
By means of Decree No. 7894, of January 30, 2013 (Decree 7894/2013), published in the Official Gazette of the Union of January 31, 2013, the Brazilian government decided to reduce from 6% to zero the Tax on Exchange Transactions (Imposto sobre Operações de Crédito, Câmbio e Seguro, ou relativas a Títulos ou Valores Mobiliários - IOF) in the exchange transactions made as from January 31, 2013, for the acquisition of units (quotas) of local Real Estate Investment Funds (Fundos de Investimento Imob
4 Feb 2013
Brazilian Investment Banks Are Authorized To Issue Real Estate Credit Bills
On November 14, 2012 the Board of Directors (Diretoria Colegiada) of the Central Bank of Brazil (Banco Central do Brasil – Bacen) approved Circular No. 3614 of the same date (Bacen Circular 3614/2012), establishing new conditions for the issuance of the Real Estate Credit Bill (Letra de Crédito Imobiliário – LCI) and authorizing investments banks (bancos de investimento) to also issue LCI.
18 Nov 2012
Brazilian Real Estate Investment Funds May Now Retain Market Makers
The acquisition of units of the FII is deemed to be a long-term investment.
29 Oct 2012
The Government Policy in Relation to the Acquisition of Brazilian Rural Land by Foreigners
As a result of the agribusiness expansion in Brazil, the increase of commodity prices in the international market, the growing importance of biofuels, the more intense exploitation of the subsoil and the need to preserve forests and grasslands, rural lands became assets of great economic importance in the country.
23 Mar 2011
The Acquisition Of Brazilian Rural Land By Foreigners
The Official Gazette of the Union (Diário Oficial da União - DOU) of August 23, 2010 published Legal Opinion CGU/AGU Nº 01/2008 - RVJ, dated September 3, 2008, issued by the General Counselor of the Republic and approved by the Attorney-General of the Union and the President of the Republic, which extends to Brazilian companies controlled by foreigners the limits to the acquisition of Brazilian rural land by foreigners imposed by the applicable legislation.
25 Aug 2010
Hybrid Fund May Attract US$ 500 Mil Worth Investments To Brazil
The Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) published Instruction CVM 406, dated April 27, 2004, which regulates a new investment fund. This is a hybrid fund combining private equity and debt. The rules have been designed specially to fit in the Bradesco-tailored investment fund (whose temporary name is Brazil Infrastructure Investment Fund - BIIF) whereby the Interamerican Development Bank (IADB) will investment US$ 500 million in Brazilian infrastructure projects this year.
16 Jun 2004
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