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Health Canada Invites Public Comments On New Post-Market Reporting Regulations
An often-cited concern with the FDA's approval process relates to the 510(k) pathway, whereby a medical device may reach the market with a lesser amount of clinical testing.
16 Aug 2018
Drafting Leasing Agreements For Tenants In The Life Sciences Sector
When drafting leasing agreements with any business, it is important to consider how their needs may differ to the previous tenants or other occupants of the building.
26 Jul 2018
Life Sciences Disputes: Is International Arbitration The Future?
The growth of the life sciences sector has been accompanied by a corresponding growth in related disputes, which are increasingly resolved by way of international arbitration.
13 Jun 2018
Parallel Import Guidance Clarified By CJEU
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has issued a ruling clarifying what you can, and cannot, do if you wish to import goods from one Member State of the EU to another.
European Union
25 May 2018
The Skinny On Skinny Labels
In a recent decision of Federal Court (Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada v Apotex Inc., 2017 FC 1061), Justice Lafrenière dismissed the prohibition proceeding ...
27 Dec 2017
Revolutionising Africa's Healthcare System Through Innovation
Africa's healthcare is in the midst of an innovation revolution that, as PwC say, "…is transforming Africa's economic potential, creating new target markets and unprecedented consumer choice".
9 Oct 2017
Incentivising The Private Healthcare Sector In Africa
Africa is experiencing a period of strong economic growth, which in turn is accelerating the development and diversification of the health and care sector across the continent.
16 May 2017
Why Combatting Cyber-Crime Is Critical For Life Science Companies
Biotech and pharmaceutical firms hold vast amounts of valuable data and information making them prime targets for cyber-attacks - so how are they protecting themselves?
3 May 2017
Evidence For Establishing Sound Prediction And The Use Of Trial And Error Experimentation To Establish An Enabling Disclosure
The Federal Court of Appeal's (FCA) recent decision in Teva v. Leo Pharma addresses important issues related to the doctrines of sound prediction and sufficiency.
13 Apr 2017
What Brexit Means For Life Sciences
This is borne out in our research, which reveals that companies in the life sciences sector are least likely to have changed their UK investment plans in the wake of Brexit.
16 Jan 2017
Federal Court Of Appeal Grants Minister Of Health The Right To Be Wrong
The Federal Court of Appeal upheld two decisions of the minister of health to issue "NOCs" to generic drug manufacturers without addressing the requirements of the Patented Medicines Regulations.
1 Nov 2016
Patent Survives Anticipation Attack Based On Use In Phase III Clinical Trial
On September 7, 2016, the Federal Court found that Apotex and Cobalt infringed three claims of Bayer's Canadian Letters Patent No. 2,382,426
26 Sep 2016
Court Of Appeal Confirms Genentech Herceptin Formulation Patents Invalid
The Court of Appeal has confirmed that two Genentech patents concerning lyophilised formulations of trastuzumab (the active ingredient in Herceptin) are invalid for obviousness.
2 Sep 2016
Portions Of Apotex's Requested Relief For Being Kept Off The Viagra® Market Struck
In a 2016 Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision Lederman J. ruled on a motion brought by the defendant Pfizer seeking to strike claims to multiple forms of relief sought by the plaintiff Apotex.
31 Aug 2016
Brexit - What Vote Leave Means For UK Life Sciences
On 23 June 2016, in a national referendum, the population of the UK voted by a narrow majority (52%) to leave the European Union (EU). What does this mean for the life sciences sector?
8 Jul 2016
Janssen Awarded Damages Almost 10 Years After Teva Found To Have Infringed Levaquin® Patent
In a recent decision of the Federal Court, Justice Hughes awarded approximately $18 million in damages to two Janssen entities in compensation for Teva Canada Limited's infringement of Canadian Patent No. 1,304,080.
1 Jul 2016
Obviousness Central To Federal Court's Reyataz® (Atazanavir Bisulfate) Decision
Justice Mactavish of the Federal Court prohibited the minister of health from issuing a NOC to Teva in respect of its generic atazanavir bisulfate product until after the expiry of Canadian Patent No. 2,250,840...
1 Jul 2016
Patentability Of Methods Of Medical Treatment In Canada
In contrast to claims for a method of medical treatment, a claim for a use of a compound or device to medically treat a disorder may be valid, so long as the claim does not limit the skill and judgment of a physician.
29 Jun 2016
Medac's 'Second Medical Use' Metoject PEN Patent Found Invalid
Medac's patent to methotrexate for subcutaneous administration for the treatment of inflammatory autoimmune diseases (including rheumatoid arthritis (RA)), has been found invalid.
22 Apr 2016
BC Court Of Appeal Dismisses Proposed Consumer Class Action For Invalid Pharmaceutical Patent
On Dec. 8, 2015, the British Columbia Court of Appeal dismissed a proposed class action by consumers against Pfizer Canada Inc. in connection with Pfizer's now invalid patent which covered its VIAGRA® product.
17 Dec 2015
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