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UAE Legal Q&A: What Are The Penalties For Carrying And Possessing Marijuana In The UAE?
My brother is a foreigner who has been arrested in the UAE for carrying a significant amount of marijuana into the country. What should I anticipate as punishment for his offence?
United Arab Emirates
15 Jul 2019
Drinking Alcohol In UAE: How To Avoid Jail Time?
UAE's nightlife is a dream for tourists but doesn't let it become a nightmare.
United Arab Emirates
25 Mar 2019
UAE Legal Q&As: Can I Legally Hire A Private Investigator In The UAE?
Appointing a private investigator is illegal in the UAE. Even if you bring them from outside the country, it is against Article No 378 of UAE Criminal Law.
United Arab Emirates
7 Apr 2017
University Students Warned Not To Throw Future Away By Taking Drugs
Lawyers are warning university students not to harm their future by abusing drugs, saying that the number of cases involving hard drugs is far too high.
United Arab Emirates
28 Apr 2016
Minors Could Face Jail Time In UAE For Illegal Alcohol Consumption
ABU DHABI // Punishments for illegal alcohol consumption can be as strict as a six-month jail term and Dh5,000 fine, regardless of whether the offender is a minor, a lawyer warns.
United Arab Emirates
13 Apr 2016
Possession And Using Of Drugs
A recent case at Dubai court of Cassation was overturned based on the procedural error by public prosecutor and police.
United Arab Emirates
11 Feb 2015
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