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Texas To Introduce Variety Of Laws And Amendments
The US is a vast nation in terms of both land area and also population. This scale means that the regulatory structure of the country is very open in specific areas
United States
3 Sep 2019
The International Treaty On Plant Genetic Resources For Food And Agriculture
Three intricately related concepts: climate change, biodiversity, and food security have become a central discussion amongst international political bodies over the last three decades
United Arab Emirates
9 Apr 2019
Establishment Of Abu Dhabi Agricultural And Food Safety Authority
Agriculture and food are among the most critical areas that a nation must manage.
United Arab Emirates
4 Apr 2019
UAE Ban On E-Cigarettes To Be Overturned Soon
Smoking is a habit that is harmful and has adverse effects in the short term and also the long run. However, it is still a legal practice.
United Arab Emirates
26 Feb 2019
Laws And Regulations On Illegal Drugs
Singapore by far has the toughest drug laws in the world. The country's strong and determined hold on the Misuse of Drugs Act has implemented a penalty for even possessing a small amount of illegal narcotic substance.
20 Feb 2019
The USA Courts To Decide If Marijuana Extracts Are Legal
The legality of Marijuana is a long going debate in the USA.
United States
17 Jan 2019
Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Sector In UAE
Scientists throughout history have delivered many inventions that have continuously made human life much easier.
United Arab Emirates
9 Jan 2019
Saudi Arabia Mandatory Calorie Labeling On Menus
Saudi Arabia along with other GCC countries including UAE, Kuwait, and Bahrain have high levels of obesity, and this has been a known issue for numerous years.
United Arab Emirates
8 Jan 2019
Oman ‘Sin' Tax
There are numerous practices which are performed openly and legally, which are at the same time, known to harm either the individuals involved in using them or the environment in general.
United Arab Emirates
4 Jan 2019
Personal Medicine Import Into UAE Approval
Medication and drugs are a crucial innovation of the last few centuries and are among the most impactful and essential areas of research and development in human history.
United Arab Emirates
29 Nov 2018
UAE Criminal Law - Illegal Drugs
Illegal drugs are a popular craze among the youth today.
United Arab Emirates
23 May 2018
Intellectual Property And Food Security
The definition of Food security is "the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food."
United Arab Emirates
22 May 2018
Detailed FAQ On Pharmaceuticals And Medical Devices
What are the primary laws and regulations governing pharmaceutical companies in the United Arab Emirates?
United Arab Emirates
26 Mar 2018
Legalities Surrounding Pharmaceutical Industry In UAE
The primary piece of legislation governing pharmaceutical companies in the United Arab Emirates is Federal Law Number 4 of 1983 concerning the Pharmaceutical Profession ...
United Arab Emirates
9 Feb 2018
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