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Pennsylvania Welcomes Second Tribal Operator And Approves Sands Bethlehem License Transfer To Wind Creek Hospitality
On May 29, 2019, at a special hearing convened for this purpose, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board approved a Change of Control Petition.
United States
17 Jun 2019
Philadelphia City Council Passes "Fair Workweek" Ordinance
On December 6, 2018, Philadelphia City Council passed the Fair Workweek Employment Standards Ordinance, which requires covered retail, hotel and food service businesses in Philadelphia...
United States
17 Dec 2018
Dangers Of Data-Mining In California Restaurants: Song-Beverly Credit Card Act
Data is hugely important in running a successful restaurant today. Targeted email marketing campaigns can be an invaluable marketing tool.
United States
16 Feb 2017
Platforms Like Airbnb And VRBO To Thrive Or Facing Legal Reckoning?
The short-term lodging landscape has changed radically in recent years. Rather than always book hotels when away from home, people now frequently book to stay in the homes or apartments of other people through sites like Airbnb and VRBO.
United States
26 Oct 2016
Negative Online Reviews
Should restaurant owners care about negative online reviews? A study by Harvard Business School indicated a one-star increase on a Yelp review can boost a business's revenue by five to nine percent.
United States
29 Jun 2016
Final Federal Overtime Regulations Published
Duane Morris will be hosting webinars to discuss the new rules.
United States
26 May 2016
Sinbad's Dine And Dash
Today, Sinbad's restaurant looks like a shipwreck next to San Francisco's Ferry Building. A demolition crew is on site and Sinbad's is in bankruptcy court.
United States
23 Mar 2016
Blending Fast Food And Alcohol
Recently, national fast food restaurants and coffee shops, such as Taco Bell and Starbucks, have looked to expand their menu choices to include alcoholic beverages.
United States
8 Dec 2015
Work Cards And Other Stuff
If you are opening up a restaurant with some form of alcohol sales, keep in mind that a person under 21 is not permitted to sell, serve, or handle alcoholic beverages. However, there may be some limited exceptions.
United States
13 Oct 2015
Sinbad's Stay Of Execution Runs Out
As of today, Sinbad's does not have any immediate plans to close its 40 year old saloon doors, despite losing its eviction case two months ago.
United States
9 Oct 2015
California Rules On Breastfeeding in Restaurants
Recently my wife gave birth to our first child and we've just starting to take him out to restaurants with us.
United States
28 Aug 2015
Is It Okay To Hire Cooks To Match the Cuisine? (Part I)
Although it's not clear whether customers actually do prefer food served by people of matching ethnicity, it does seem, at least anecdotally, to be a real social phenomenon.
United States
17 Aug 2015
Gift Cards – A Gift to Restaurants?
If you have an unused gift card from your birthday last year, then you're not alone. Consumer Reports surveys have found a quarter of people who receive gift cards don't use them within a ten month period.
United States
14 Aug 2015
Does The Law Regulate Human Trafficking In Restaurant Supply Chains?
Even today, we keep hearing about new and different ways that human trafficking affects us in the 21st century.
United States
14 Aug 2015
Shake Shack vs. In-n-Out: The Pros And Cons Of Rapid Growth
Started in New York, Shake Shack has developed a loyal following across the country.
United States
14 Aug 2015
Same-Sex Couples' Rights In Restaurants And Bars
Restaurants and bars qualify as "public accommodations" under federal law, even if they're a private business.
United States
14 Aug 2015
New California Paid Sick Leave Law Now In Effect
As of last week, California law now requires mandatory, paid sick leave for most employees – including part-time, temporary and seasonal employees.
United States
13 Aug 2015
Waterfront Restaurant Loses Eviction Trial
The owners of Sinbad's spent last week in San Francisco Superior Court. They have been in an ongoing battle to keep their 40 year old bay-front restaurant afloat.
United States
13 Aug 2015
Why You Don't See Those Bicycling Bars On The Strip
You've probably seen those multi-participant bicycles with a bar in the middle traveling around in various cities .
United States
3 Aug 2015
Waterfront Restaurant Fights For Its Life In Court
With a dining room view from the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island, Sinbad's has been a classic San Francisco establishment for locals and tourists alike for 40 years.
United States
21 Jul 2015
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