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PCPD Comments On Person-To-Person Telemarketing Practices
On July 31, the PCPD submitted comments in response to the public consultation on "Strengthening the Regulation of Person-to-Person Telemarketing Calls."
Hong Kong
3 Oct 2017
Federal Court Rules On Individual's Right To Metadata
On January 19, 2017, the Federal Court of Australia ruled on an individual's right to access account metadata from a telecommunications provider.
5 Apr 2017
Privacy Commission Finds Big Data Use By Telecommunications Operator Does Not Violate Law
The decision is subject to the conditions that the data is sufficiently aggregated and that underlying data is not used in the process.
27 Mar 2017
Jury Awards $20+ Million In Telemarketing Class Action Trial
On January 19, 2017, a jury awarded $20.5 million in a class action lawsuit against a large satellite service provider.
United States
17 Mar 2017
NIST Issues Mobile Threat Guidance
On September 22, NIST issued guidance in response to the unique set of threats posed by mobile devices.
United States
21 Nov 2016
CAC Issues Rules For Mobile Internet Providers
On June 28, the CAC published Provisions on the Administration of Information Services of Mobile Internet Application Programs.
4 Oct 2016
ANATEL Announces Changes On Regulations
On June 24, the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency ("ANATEL") announced changes to its regulatory agenda (source document in Portuguese) for the rest of 2016.
22 Sep 2016
Mexican Supreme Court Limits Access To Mobile Data
On April 13, Mexico's National Supreme Court declared the constitutionality of article 190 of the Telecommunications and Broadcasting Federal Law...
20 Jun 2016
French Constitutional Council Approves International Electronic Communications Surveillance Act
On November 26, 2015, the Constitutional Council approved (source document in French) Article 1 of the Act on International Electronic Communications Surveillance.
20 Apr 2016
German Court Holds Email Provider Subject To Telecommunications Law
On November 11, 2015, the Administrative Court of Cologne ruled (source document in German) that an email provider was subject to notification obligations under the nation's telecommunications law.
20 Apr 2016
Information Commissioner's Office Publishes 2014–2015 Annual Report
On July 1, the UK Information Commissioner's Office published its annual report for 2014–2015, which includes statistics on trends in complaints and enforcement.
22 Sep 2015
Information Commissioner Raids Cold-Calling Company
On June 24, the Information Commissioner's Office released a statement indicating that it had raided a company suspected of using automated dialing facilities to make more than 100,000 cold calls per day.
22 Sep 2015
Conseil d'Etat Upholds Sanction For Sending Text Message Spam
On March 23, the Conseil d'Etat confirmed the 20,000 Euros fine imposed by the French data protection authority against a company for sending marketing text messages without prior individual consent.
11 Sep 2015
EDPS Publishes Opinion On Mobile Health
On May 19, the European Data Protection Supervisor ("EDPS") published an opinion addressing the privacy challenges of mHealth technologies and the delivery of health-related information to consumers through smart devices.
European Union
8 Sep 2015
Washington State Passes Bill Requiring Warrant For Stingray Use
On May 11, the Washington governor signed a bill that requires law enforcement to obtain warrants before deploying international mobile subscriber identity catchers...
United States
27 Aug 2015
Lawmakers Urge Updated TCPA Rules To Account For Wireless Changes
According to the letter, when the TCPA was enacted in 1991, the overall wireless penetration rate was 2.9 percent, whereas now 44 percent of American homes have only wireless phones.
United States
26 Aug 2015
President Signs USA Freedom Act Into Law
The Act reforms NSA surveillance measures, overhauls the bulk collection program for domestic telephone metadata, and places new limits on Patriot Act authorities.
United States
25 Aug 2015
FTC Settles Mobile Hijacking Charges With App Developer
On June 29, the FTC settled charges with an app developer for falsely representing to consumers that the app would not infect devices with malware.
United States
24 Aug 2015
Nevada Supreme Court Rules State Wiretap Law Applies To Cell Phones
On June 4, the Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the state's wiretap statute allows law enforcement to intercept cell phone calls and text messages because there are wires involved in the transmission of such communications.
United States
20 Aug 2015
PayPal Narrows Robocalling Practices
These groups took issue with the PayPal's new user agreement requiring users to receive robocalls in order to use the company's payment processing services.
United States
17 Aug 2015
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