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Geo-Blocking Of Online Content After Brexit
The Geo-blocking Regulation makes provisions for information to the business customers, consumers, regulators and traders about the government's plan in the event the Brexit deal does not take effect
United Arab Emirates
3 Sep 2019
Media Regulations In The United Arab Emirates
Indubitably, the inception of mass media was with newspapers that delivered information and news from the 1690s till present.
United Arab Emirates
29 Jul 2019
Regulations For Importing Telecom And IT Equipment In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
The development of the technological sector in Saudi Arabia is primarily focused on the Saudi Vision 2030 with the combination of moving towards
United Arab Emirates
9 Jul 2019
Internet Of Things (IoT) Policy?
The IoT is a regulatory framework in the United Arab Emirates which comprises of the following:
United Arab Emirates
8 Jul 2019
Domain Name Protection In UAE
Nowadays, all kinds of information can be found on the internet. As a result, Governments, companies, organizations and individuals use websites to provide information online.
United Arab Emirates
21 Jun 2019
Putting The Finalising Touches On The Proposed UK Internet Law
The internet is a vast and widely available tool throughout the world. The notable advantage that the internet has brought is the significant amount of information ...
4 Feb 2019
Law Governing VPNs
In recent years, an enormous change has undergone in the field of technology which raises a necessary question about human's ability to continue in protecting and promoting the right over the internet.
United Arab Emirates
20 Dec 2018
UAE Domain Name Governance And Dispute Resolution
Almost every kind of business, whether a startup or a fully-grown company need an online presence through an official website. A website is utilized as a handy marketing tool...
United Arab Emirates
3 Oct 2018
New E-Commerce Regulations Issued In Sharjah
E-commerce is an ever-growing area in the world today. Everything was at one point not too long ago, exclusively bought by people through physically going to a store ...
United Arab Emirates
14 Aug 2018
Digital Platforms And Their Terms Of Use: Does It Matter?
The many digital platforms are transforming almost every industry today; it is swiftly becoming apparent that the similar looking terms of use and privacy policies currently applicable may not provide...
11 May 2018
Company Formation In Dubai Media City
Yes, Appiness. The time I used to spend on reading, cooking, playing sports is all a thing of past! What do I do these days, you may ask?
United Arab Emirates
11 Oct 2017
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