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Handling Internet Of Things Data In Litigation
As the reach of the Internet of Things (IoT) expands, counsel must learn to harness the increasing explosion of data to effectively extract relevant information in litigation while balancing
United States
17 Jan 2019
Supreme Court Rules Microsoft Case Moot As CLOUD Act Becomes Law
The actual residency or citizenship of the data user was unknown to Microsoft at the time it received the subpoena.
United States
2 May 2018
La Modernisation Du Regime Français De Financement Alternatif
A peine deux années après la mise en place d'un cadre spécifique au régime du crowdfunding, l'année 2016 aura connu plusieurs évolutions importantes.
16 Dec 2016
Liberalization Of The French Alternative Financing Regime
During the year 2016, French regulation of alternative finance, including the crowdfunding regime established two years ago, has been liberalized in important ways.
16 Dec 2016
Data Protection: Europe Vs. The United States
Paris partner Noëlle Lenoir wrote an article that appeared in the May 2016 issue of Politique Internationale. The article discusses data protection in Europe versus the United States.
United States
25 May 2016
SEC, FBI Remind Firms To Ensure They Meet Cybersecurity Obligations
Two recent events should serve as the latest in a series of reminders that cybersecurity risk management should be among the top priorities for all fund managers and investment firms.
United States
12 May 2016
Les Premiers Pas D'un Droit Airbnb
Pierre Storrer's article "Les premiers pas d'un droit Airbnb," appeared in the February 2016 issue of the French legal publication Receuil Dalloz.
18 Feb 2016
DSP2 : La Liberté Au Prix Du La Sécurité
Pierre Storrer's article "DSP2 : la liberté au prix du la sécurité," appears in the February 2016 issue of the French publication Revue Banque. Mr. Storrer analyzes the security aspects of the European Directive on Payments...
European Union
18 Feb 2016
U.S. Regulators Say Hackers Targeting Wealth Advisers
FINRA identified cybersecurity as a technology management issue under the priority area of supervision, risk management and controls.
United States
12 Feb 2016
Cybersecurity Update: 2015 - A Year In Review
This Update reviews some of the key legal and policy developments in cybersecurity law in 2015 and discusses significant cases and trends to follow in 2016.
United States
18 Jan 2016
CFTC Warns Cyber-Risks Are The Biggest Threat To Modern Financial Markets
CFTC commissioner Christopher Giancarlo warned that cyber-risks are the "number one threat to 21st century financial markets," with a greater disruptive potential than advances in automated trading and emerging technologies like the blockchain.
United States
24 Dec 2015
SEC To Target Investment Advisers For Poor Cybersecurity
The SEC plans to bring more cases against investment advisers who do not have policies to prevent hacking, specifically in cyber-related cases that focus on regulatory obligations...
United States
24 Dec 2015
SEC Takes Positive Steps Toward Crowdfunding Rules And Clarifying General Solicitation
In a long-awaited decision, the SEC adopted final rules that will allow companies to offer and sell securities through the use of crowdfunding.
United States
3 Dec 2015
L'irrésistible Ascension De La Finance Participative
Hubert de Vauplane was interviewed by in the November-December issue of the magazine published by the French legal publication Lettre des Juristes d'Affaires on the irresistible growth of crowdfunding.
United States
2 Dec 2015
NYDFS Details Potential Cybersecurity Rules
The New York Financial Department of Services provided details related to potential cybersecurity regulations for banks and insurance companies under its jurisdiction.
United States
19 Nov 2015
New York Department Of Financial Services Signals New Cybersecurity Regulations
The DFS invited feedback from the eighteen addressees on its regulatory proposal, emphasizing that cybersecurity is "a global concern that affects every industry at all levels."
United States
17 Nov 2015
Nouveaux Moyens De Paiement, Banque Digitale Et Protection Des Données
Pierre Storrer wrote an article that appeared in the September-October issue of the French publication Banque & Droit.
United States
2 Nov 2015
Fintech 2020: Reprendre L'Initiative - Comment La Technologie Blockchain Peut Permettre À La France Et À L'Europe De Prendre L'Avantage En Matière De Banque Et De Finance
Disruption. Cet anglicisme est aujourd'hui devenu l'expression qui caractérise la révolution digitale et l'apparition de la technologie du blocchain dans différents secteurs de l'économie.
United States
2 Nov 2015
U.S. Regulators Considering Bond Market Reforms
Financial regulators say that the increasingly electronic bond market may require reforms that emphasize stability over speed.
United States
22 Oct 2015
Third Circuit Upholds FTC's Cybersecurity Authority
According to the FTC's complaint, on three separate occasions in 2008 and 2009, hackers accessed Wyndham's computer systems and obtained consumers' personal data, including payment card information.
United States
4 Sep 2015
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