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Regulation On Radio, Television And On-Demand Broadcasts On The Internet
Regulation on Provision of Radio, Television and On-Demand Broadcasts on Internet Medium ("Regulation") has been published on the Official Gazette of August 1, 2019.
6 Aug 2019
The Constitutional Court's Decision On Freedom Of Press And Expression Regarding The Contents Of A News Article Posted On A Newspaper's Website
The Constitutional Court granted a decision on May 22, 2019 regarding the applicant's claims on violation of their freedom of expression and press due to access ban of a news article on their newspaper's website...
18 Jul 2019
European Union's Regulation On Online Intermediation Services And Search Engines
EU proposal for regulation on online intermediation services and search engines is expected to be published shortly on the Official Journal of the European Union and become effective...
26 Jun 2019
The Constitutional Court's Decision On The Access Ban Of A News Article Fostering Public Discussion
The Constitutional Court then began its analysis of the case by examining whether or not such interference constituted a violation of the Applicant's rights.
18 Mar 2019
The Board Imposed A Fine On Mosaş Akıllı Ulaşım Sistemleri AŞ. For Hindering An Onsite Inspection
The Board determined that internet access had been disconnected twice while the onsite inspection was being carried out.
27 Dec 2018
The Constitutional Court's Decision on the Requirement to Exhaust All Legal Remedies with Respect to Access Ban Requests
The owner of a modeling agency ("Applicant") applied to the Constitutional Court regarding the Istanbul 3rd Criminal Judgeship of Peace's decision ("Decision"), which had affirmed the Istanbul 2nd Criminal Judgeship of Peace's ruling rejecting the Applicant's request for the access ban of certain search engine results.
12 Oct 2018
First Ever Antitrust Condemnation For Excessive Pricing In Online Platform Services: Turkish Competition Authority Fines In Markets For Online Ads In Real Estate And Vehicle
In May 2017, the Turkish Competition Board (the "Board") launched an investigation against Sahibinden Bilgi Teknolojileri Pazarlama ve Ticaret A.Ş. ("").
3 Oct 2018
Recent Developments Regarding The Practice Of E-Commerce In Turkey
Trust seal applications should be made to the Trust Seal Providers ("TSP"), which are authorized by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.
11 Jun 2018
A New Era For Internet Broadcasting Services: An Amendment To The Radio And Television Legislation Which Regulates Internet Broadcasts
The new provision explicitly dictates that such entities are obliged to acquire a broadcasting license if they fall under the definition of media service operators, or a transmission authorization certificate if they fall under the definition of platform operators.
6 Jun 2018
Turkey Regulates Broadcasting Services Provided Through The Internet
Turkey recently enacted an amendment to the Turkish radio and television legislation that will regulate radio, television and on-demand broadcasts provided through internet and have these services...
28 Mar 2018
A Recent Decision Of The European Court Of Human Rights: Balancing Privacy Rights Against The Freedom Of Expression
On October 19, 2017, the European Court of Human Rights ("ECHR") announced its decision in a significant case, regarding a piece of content published on a website.
12 Dec 2017
Safety Stamp Era in E-Commerce
The Communiqué on Safety Stamp and Notification Obligation in E-Commerce ("Communiqué") has been published in the Official Gazette on 6 June 2017. The Communiqué entered into force on the same date.
25 Sep 2017
Recent Amendments to the Regulation on Internet Mass Use Providers
A new Regulation on Internet Mass Use Providers ("Regulation") was published in the Official Gazette on 1 April 2017, and entered into force on the same date.
28 Jun 2017
A Holistic Approach To The Proposed Changes To The IP Law
The Law No. 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works ("IP Law") is the main legislation in Turkey that is applicable to copyright related matters.
22 Jun 2017
The Constitutional Court's Decision on the Freedom of the Press and of Expression Regarding the Contents Posted on a News Website
The owner of the website "" ("Applicant") applied to the Constitutional Court for the annulment of Istanbul 2nd Criminal Court of First Instance's decision ("Court"), which had decided to impose an access ban on 18 pieces of content published on this website.
7 Jun 2017
The Constitutional Court's Decision on the Annulment of Certain Provisions of the Internet Law Entered into Force on January 28, 2017
In 2014, 121 deputies of the Republican People's Party ("CHP") applied to the Constitutional Court for the annulment of certain provisions of Law No. 5651, the primary Internet law in Turkey, along with certain provisions of other laws, such as the Tax Procedure Law and the Public Tender Law.
1 Mar 2017
Violation Of A Constitutional Right On The Internet: Protecting The Right To Privacy
The Turkish Constitutional Court recently decided that the right to privacy can be violated on the Internet. The court's decision numbered 2014/16701 was delivered on October 13, 2016 and concerned a military officer's dismissal from the Turkish Armed Forces.
11 Jan 2017
Legal Aspects Of Throttling
In some cases, a video displayed at a video sharing website or a photo from one of the websites providing social networking service or an application downloaded to a smartphone or just an article from a news portal website might not be reviewed as the internet connection might be extremely low to upload or download any content.
9 Nov 2016
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