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Jones Day Global Privacy & Cybersecurity Update | Vol. 21
Data privacy- and security-related class actions appear to be on the rise, and effectively defending them requires the right mix of substantive and procedural knowledge.
11 Mar 2019
CNIL Fines Video Streaming Company Up To €50,000
On July 24, the CNIL fined a company operating in the video streaming sector up to €50,000 for inadequate security (source document in French). The company experienced a data incident in 2016...
8 Nov 2018
European Court Of Justice Rules On Joint Controllership Of Social Media Platforms
On June 5, the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") adopted a judgment.
European Union
2 Nov 2018
Domain Name Authentication Rules Take Effect
On January 1, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Notice (source document in Chinese) on the use of domain names by internet information services took effect.
14 Mar 2018
CNIL Issues Guidelines On Free Wi-Fi Networks
On October 25, CNIL issued guidelines (source document in French) on best practices when using a third-party Wi-Fi in a public area.
5 Dec 2017
MCTIC Launches "Internet Of Things" Consultation
The contributions will be used to draw up a map of companies and scientific and technological institutions that offer IoT technologies, products, services, and solutions in Brazil.
25 Sep 2017
DDPA Alerts Shops And Municipalities On Conditions For Wi-Fi Tracking
On June 16, the DDPA notified local governments and stores on the requirements applicable to Wi-Fi tracking.
4 Oct 2016
Brussels Court Of Appeal Annuls Interim Decision On Use Of Cookies By Social Media Platform
On June 29, the Court of Appeal of Brussels struck down (source document in French and Dutch) a lower court's interim decision barring a social network company from using cookies.
28 Sep 2016
Advocate General Asks EU Court Of Justice To Consider Dynamic IP Addresses As Personal Data
On May 12, Advocate General Campos Sanchez-Bordona released an opinion in Patrick Breyer v. Germany Federal Republic (C-582/14).
European Union
26 Sep 2016
Lawmakers Oppose FCC's Proposed Internet Privacy Rules
On July 7, the House voted 239–185 to approve an appropriations bill that included a provision preventing the FCC from moving ahead with its plan.
United States
19 Sep 2016
Ministry Of Commerce Publishes Draft Specifications For Mobile And Cross-Border Commodity e-Commence
On March 22, the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China published drafts of the Business Services Specification for Mobile Commodity E-commerce and Business Services Specification for Cross-border Commodity E-commerce.
27 Jun 2016
PCPD Joins Global Sweep Exercise
On April 15, PCPD announced that it had joined the Global Privacy Enforcement Network to conduct a privacy sweep from April 11, examining data privacy issues relating to Internet of Things devices.
Hong Kong
27 Jun 2016
ICO Issues Updated Guidance On Direct Marketing
On March 24, the ICO updated its guidance on online marketing. There is now a greater emphasis on the application of the marketing rules to the not-for-profit sector and direction regarding third-party consent.
24 Jun 2016
CNIL Audits Wireless Network Devices
In April, CNIL announced that, together with the Article 29 WP, it will carry out an online audit in May to assess the impact of wireless network devices on users' private lives.
21 Jun 2016
CNIL Imposes €100,000 Fine On Internet Search Engine For Failure To Comply With Right To Be Forgotten
According to CNIL's opinion, the right to privacy is a universal right requiring full delisting regardless of the user's geographic region.
21 Jun 2016
ANSSI Issues New Security Guidelines For Integration And Maintenance Providers Of Industrial Systems
The working group issued new guidelines relating to the security requirements to be taken by both the providers and the beneficiaries.
21 Jun 2016
ENISA Publishes Report On Common Practices Of EU-Level Crisis Management And Applicability To Cyber Crises
On April 4, the European Network and Information Security Agency ("ENISA") issued a report providing a series of key recommendations regarding EU-level priorities to alter the outcome of the next cyber crisis.
European Union
20 Jun 2016
Commission Seeks Stakeholders' Input On ePrivacy Directive
On April 11, the Commission launched a public consultation on the ePrivacy Directive (Directive 2002/58) to align it with the General Data Protection Regulation...
European Union
20 Jun 2016
European Data Protection Supervisor Publishes Guidance Relating To Personal Data Processing Security
On March 21, the European Data Protection Supervisor ("EDPS") released guidance on information security risk management...
European Union
20 Jun 2016
Canadian Prime Minister Announces Canada Will Co-Lead Initiatives To Increase Nuclear Facilities' Cybersecurity
On April 1, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will jointly lead two Nuclear Security Summit ("NSS") "gift baskets."
16 Jun 2016
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