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Pre-Action Steps To Recovering Debts From Individuals - What Businesses Need To Know
Despite a lack of consensus as to whether there is really any need for the protocol at all, the final form has now been approved ready for implementation.
16 May 2017
Fraud In Civil Claims - A Rare Judgment
Allegations of fraud in civil claims under English law are not often actively pursued and rarely succeed.
30 Mar 2017
The Basics Of Patent Law - Initiating Proceedings In The UK
Gowling WLG's intellectual property experts discuss initiating proceedings as part of their 'The basics of patent law' series.
European Union
24 Mar 2017
Brexit Bites As Compensation Awarded For Exchange Rate Loss On Payment Of Legal Costs
In deciding what was a novel point, the High Court has compensated a German company for exchange rate loss on payment in pounds sterling of its solicitors' costs incurred in English patent proceedings...
European Union
8 Feb 2017
Seizure And Redemption Of Shares Successfully Used By Lender To Thwart Guarantor's Fraudulent Conveyance Of Assets
A recent decision of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench has confirmed that a creditor can require a redemption of shares seized from a guarantor in order to satisfy a debt claim...
22 Dec 2016
Ignorance (Of Senior Managers) Is Not Always Bliss
In a judgment harking back to the principles in Donoghue v Stevenson, the Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court's decision that the manufacturer of a defective product installed to prevent fire was not liable...
11 Oct 2016
Litigant In Person Given A Second Chance
The Court of Appeal has held that the refusal by the court to allow a litigant in person to adduce additional evidence at trial rendered the trial unfair.
5 Aug 2016
Same But For Test Of Causation But Different Outcome
The Court of Appeal has held that a lender can recover all its loss on a refinance loan from a negligent surveyor and not just the 'top up' advanced following repayment of the original loan.
5 Aug 2016
The Court Determines Where The Greatest Harm Lay
Where owners of a property were appealing against an order that a creditor had a beneficial interest in their property (following a tracing claim).
5 Aug 2016
No Duty On Lender To Advise Of Onerous Clause
The High Court has recently considered whether a lender owed a duty of care in contract or tort to advise a borrower of a potentially onerous clause in a loan agreement - and found that it did not.
5 Aug 2016
A Big Bite Of The Apple: "Backdoor" Orders, Privacy And Burdens On Non-Litigants
A dispute over the interpretation of a California court order may have far-reaching implications for non-litigants in civil matters.
26 Feb 2016
Are Your Limitation Or Exclusion Of Liability Clauses Enforceable In Québec?
It should be noted that product liability cases are governed by specific rules favourable to the buyers and users.
24 Sep 2015
Much Ado About Nothing Or A Comedy Of Errors: The Post-Smith v. Inco Environmental Tort Landscape
The 2011 Ontario Court of Appeal decision in Smith v. Inco contains no fewer than 75 paragraphs of detailed legal analysis in respect of liability for environmental contamination.
3 Nov 2014
Evans v. The Bank Of Nova Scotia: Another Case Of Intrusion Upon Seclusion Is Certified As A Class Action
The new tort of "intrusion upon seclusion", which provides a cause of action to those whose privacy has been breached, was given new teeth this month.
18 Jul 2014
Barking Dogs Can Also Bite: Condo Corps May Be On The Hook For Dog Attacks On Common Property
In most cases, cohabitation between condominium residents and "a man’s best friend" go without a hitch.
1 Jul 2014
Common Or Civil Law, Mistaken Contracts Can Be Fixed
Two cases recently decided by the Supreme Court of Canada confirm that contractual errors with tax consequences may be corrected under Québec civil law.
31 Mar 2014
Case Note: "Risalsdar v Ali", 2014 ONCA 59
Facts: The respondents, who were due funds, entered into a settlement agreement with the appellants who claimed to have limited funds to satisfy the debt.
6 Feb 2014
"Hryniak v. Mauldin": Supreme Court Loosens Restrictions On Summary Judgment Imposed By "Combined Air"
In a decision that will doubtless be welcomed by the commercial bar, the Supreme Court of Canada has increased the availability of summary judgment in Ontario.
30 Jan 2014
The Obligation Of A Terminated Employee To Mitigate Damages: The Court Of Appeal Of Québec States Its Views Once Again
For the second time in a few months, the Court of Appeal of Québec has released a decision on the parameters of the obligation of an employee to mitigate his damages when terminated without serious grounds under section 2091 of the Civil Code of Québec.
30 Dec 2013
Plaintiffs Successful In Class Action Against College For Misleading Advertising
On November 16, 2012, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice decided in favour of the plaintiffs in a class action against George Brown College for misleading advertising.
7 Oct 2013
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