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Costs Orders In Winding Up Petitions: In The Matter Of Abraaj Holdings
In the case of insolvency proceedings, the Court is often required to consider what is best for the stakeholders of the Company as a whole.
Cayman Islands
9 Jan 2019
Application Granted For Sanction To Enter Into A Litigation Funding Agreement
In the recent decision of in In the Matter of the Companies Law (2018 Revision) and In the Matter of Platinum Partners Value Arbitrage Fund L.P. (In Official Liquidation) the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands granted an application ...
Cayman Islands
6 Nov 2018
Grand Court Delivers 366 Page Judgment In In Re Torchlight Fund L.P.
Yesterday the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands delivered its long awaited judgment in the winding up proceedings brought against the Torchlight Fund L.P. ("Torchlight"). Conyers is Cayman counsel for Torchlight.
Cayman Islands
27 Sep 2018
A Contractual Term Solid As A Rock
Non-Lawyers may be surprised to know that the omnipotence paradox is a commonly considered topic by law students.
Cayman Islands
13 Sep 2018
In The Matter Of Ardon Maroon Asia Master Fund
Cayman Grand Court rules on the natural and ordinary meaning of fund constitutional documents in preference to following common practice in the funds industry.
Cayman Islands
5 Sep 2018
The Privy Council Exercises Its Leverage To Dismiss The Appeal In: Al Sadik -v- Investcorp Bank BSC And Others
On 18 June 2018, the long running case of Al Sadik -v- Investcorp Bank BSC and others reached its conclusion in the Privy Council. Investment Managers will welcome the Privy Council's dismissal...
Cayman Islands
11 Jul 2018
Recent Judgment Of The Cayman Islands Court Of Appeal Concerning Validation Orders
In the recent decision of Aurora Funds Management Limited et al -v- Torchlight GP Limited the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal dismissed an appeal brought in respect of an order made by McMillan J in the Grand Court ...
Cayman Islands
24 May 2018
The Grand Court Follows The Usual Course In An Unusual Liquidation
In the matter of Pacific Harbor Asia Fund I, Ltd (In Official Liquidation) the Grand Court appointed joint official liquidators from different firms due to the differing opinions of various stakeholders...
Cayman Islands
8 Dec 2017
Privy Council Clarifies The Old Law (1989-2011 Position) Regarding Section 37 Redemptions
In late 2008, RMF Market Neutral Strategies (Master) Limited ("RMF") sought to cash in its investments in DD Growth Premium 2X Fund (In Official Liquidation) (the "Company"), a feeder fund incorporated in the Cayman Islands, ...
Cayman Islands
24 Nov 2017
The Rocky Road To Redemption
Herald's position was that all investors who were unpaid on 12 December 2008 rank as ordinary shareholders and should therefore be paid pari passu.
Cayman Islands
12 Jul 2017
Another Chapter In The China Milk Saga
As a jurisdiction that currently has no formal restructuring regime, the appointment of a provisional liquidator has long since been utilised for the purpose of facilitating a corporate restructuring...
Cayman Islands
31 Mar 2017
Court Of Appeal Overrules Unprecedented Attempt To Introduce Non-Party Extra Territorial Discovery
The Cayman Islands Court of Appeal ruled that using liquidators' powers to obtain extra territorial non-party disclosure was outside the reach of the Cayman Islands Companies Law (2013 Revision).
Cayman Islands
22 Nov 2016
Wound Up, Or Not? Rhône Holdings In The Cayman Courts
Insolvency petitions form part of the regular diet of commercial proceedings seen by the Cayman Island courts.
Cayman Islands
12 Sep 2016
Cayman Court Of Appeal Clarify Law In Favour Of Redeeming Investors
Due to the timing of the redemption payments, it was the construction of the Companies Law (2007 Revision) (the "Law") that fell to be considered.
Cayman Islands
24 Nov 2015
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