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What All To Consider Before Signing Sale Purchase Agreement In Dubai
With a persistent variation in the property prices, the buyers are climbing the bandwagon to earn profits on investment.
United Arab Emirates
2 Sep 2019
Guide On Commercial Dispute Resolution
The commercial disputes in UAE are generally resolved through litigation or arbitration. Wherein arbitration is nowadays the most common and widespread medium for resolving
United Arab Emirates
25 Jul 2019
How To Resolve B2B Disputes?
The Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai has recently instituted Business Protection Department (BPD) solely for reconciling commercial disputes between businesses
United Arab Emirates
2 Jul 2019
Can My UAE Company Lodge A Dispute With An International Company Locally?
Question: I have a small company in the UAE and I signed a contract with an international company. The contract states that any dispute that arises from a breach of the contract has to be decided in the court
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2019
Can You Claim Legal Costs In Arbitration?
Isn't it too complex and too expensive to proceed with arbitration?
United Arab Emirates
21 Jun 2019
UAE Legal Q&A: Company Owner Asks How To Tackle Breach Of Contract
I have a small company that delivers goods to clients. I signed a contract with another company but they breached the terms of the contract.
United Arab Emirates
25 Apr 2017
UAE Legal Q&As: What Is Penalty For Giving Out Secrets?
A member of my family was working for a company and he forwarded confidential information to a third party.
United Arab Emirates
12 Apr 2017
Does Signed Mean Sealed
Article 215 and 217 of the Civil Procedures Law of the UAE states that a person does not have the right to enter into an arbitration agreement if the signatory does not have the authority to bind the person it is representing...
United Arab Emirates
15 Apr 2016
Proving Your Claim In Family Court: Part 1
In this Article we will explain the kind of correspondences that the court accepts, and the role of the mediators in the processes of the family courts, whose purpose is to communicate between the parties to settle an amicable solution to the family dispute.
United Arab Emirates
3 Mar 2016
UAE Family Matters Q&A: What Is The Function Of The Family Guidance Committee?
In relation to family law, the only mode of mediation is through the Family Guidance Committee.
United Arab Emirates
30 Dec 2015
Challenging An Arbitration Award
It is common for the unsuccessful party to argue against the enforcement of an arbitration award on the ground that the arbitration was invalid, because the person who signed the contract was not authorized to agree an arbitration clause. In this case the losing party will file an annulment case
United Arab Emirates
30 Sep 2013
Enforcing Arbitration Awards
The implementation of the New York Convention in the UAE did not expressly displace the enforcement provisions in the Civil Procedure Code
United Arab Emirates
25 Sep 2013
Terms Of Reference
As per the arbitration rules and as per the civil rules in the UAE, the arbitration rules shall be governed by the Terms of Reference.
United Arab Emirates
20 Sep 2013
Appointing Arbitrators
An arbitrator can be appointed; directly by name, through the Court or through the Arbitration centre.
United Arab Emirates
13 Sep 2013
Rise In Arbitration
The UAE has rapidly emerged as a leading financial centre, attracting large global investors and businesses, and as international developers and contractors continue to invest in construction projects, there has been an increasing trend in the use of arbitration in Dubai.
United Arab Emirates
9 Sep 2013
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