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ITC Flourishes In 2016 As District Courts And PTAB Wither
This increased attention of patent adversaries to the ITC is even more remarkable when viewed in light of the reduction of new cases in other forums for patent dispute resolution.
United States
1 Mar 2017
Contracts containing agreements to arbitrate often provide for arbitration pursuant to the rules of an arbitration service provider such as the American Arbitration Association ("AAA").
United States
29 Jan 2016
Third Circuit Rules That Courts, Not Arbitration Panels, Have Final Word On Class Action Arbitrability
Contracts containing agreements to arbitrate often provide for arbitration pursuant to the rules of an arbitration service provider such as the American Arbitration Association ("AAA").
United States
20 Jan 2016
How To Contain Construction Disputes
All that is necessary is an environment where relevant experts (internal or external) are free to focus on remedying the defects.
29 Dec 2015
Global Disputes Practice Newsletter - October 2015
1.ロンドン国際仲裁裁判所による仲裁 判断の重大な違法についてイングランド 高等法院が示した判断
20 Oct 2015
Greater Powers For EU Anti-Suit Relief Continue To Vest In Arbitral, Not Curial, Hands
When courts compel parties to arbitration, i.e. upholding the underlying arbitral agreement, it is considered a routine judicial response.
European Union
17 Jun 2015
English High Court Tackles Serious Irregularity In LCIA Arbitral Award
Challenges to arbitral awards on serious irregularity grounds are rarely pressed and very seldom succeed.
11 Mar 2015
CIETAC Publishes New Arbitration Rules
The 2015 Rules also attempt to address the confusion that has surrounded the "split" with CIETAC's former Shanghai and Shenzhen sub-commissions.
Hong Kong
16 Dec 2014
Arbitration In Japan: Grasping The Nettle?
Japan's arbitration legislation spans almost 125 years.
12 Mar 2014
CIETAC: The Saga Continues, And Recent Cases Suggest That Parties Ought To Review Their Existing Arbitration Agreements In China
The Shanghai and the South China Sub-Commissions of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission had rebranded themselves respectively as the Shanghai International Arbitration Center and the Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration.
26 Jul 2013
CIETAC Rebranding In Shanghai And Shenzhen
A discussion on the dispute between the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission in Beijing and its Shanghai and South China Sub-Commissions.
17 May 2013
Arbitration In Asia: An Overview Of The CIETAC, HKIAC, SIAC, And UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules
International arbitrations take place within a complex and important international legal framework. International conventions, national arbitration legislation, and institutional arbitration rules all provide a specialized regime for most international commercial arbitrations.
14 Dec 2012
CIETAC Issues Announcement Suspending Shanghai And Shenzhen Sub-Commissions
In March 2012, the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission ("CIETAC") released amended arbitration rules that became effective on May 1, 2012 (the "Amended Rules").
15 Aug 2012
Setting Aside Wars: The Arbitrator Strikes Back
In 2006, Grand Pacific Holdings Ltd commenced an ICC arbitration against Pacific China Holdings Ltd (In Liquidation) in an attempt to enforce a loan agreement worth US$40 million.
Hong Kong
9 Jul 2012
CIETAC Issues New Arbitration Rules: Interim Measures And Consolidation Among The Highlights
On February 3, 2012, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the China Chamber of International Commerce revised and adopted the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission ("CIETAC") Arbitration Rules, which come into effect on May 1, 2012.
16 Apr 2012
The Real Risk Of Bias In "Chinese Style" Arbitrations
It is not uncommon for arbitrations conducted in Mainland China to morph from an arbitration to a mediation and then back to an arbitration if a mediated settlement cannot be achieved.
Hong Kong
12 May 2011
Interpreting Terms Of Settlement Agreements: New Exception To The "Without Prejudice Rule"
We previously reported on the English Court of Appeal decision in Oceanbulk Shipping & Trading SA v TMT Asia Limited [2010] EWCA Civ 79,1 which considered the important issue of whether established exceptions to the "without prejudice rule" should be extended to cover precontractual negotiations for the purpose of interpreting the terms of a settlement agreement.
Hong Kong
22 Feb 2011
Staying Litigation in Favor of Arbitration - Are Hong Kong Courts Too Arbitration-Friendly?
A common procedural argument that arises in relation to arbitration is the staying of litigation proceedings commenced by a plaintiff in breach of a valid arbitration agreement.
9 Aug 2010
Developments In U.S. Law Regarding A More Liberal Approach To Discovery Requests Made By Foreign Litigants Under 28 U.S.C. § 1782
In these times of global economic turmoil, with the concomitant litigation that will likely follow in jurisdictions around the world, we expect to see an increased need for evidence located within the United States to be used in legal proceedings outside the United States.
United States
30 Apr 2009
PRC Construction Law - A Guide For Foreign Companies, CCH, A Wolters Kluwer Business
China is one of the biggest construction markets in the world. The Beijing 2008 Olympics, the Shanghai 2010 World Expo, the Western Development Strategy and National Housing Reform all provide enormous opportunities for foreign companies interested in China's construction industry.
16 Oct 2006
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