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DBS Bank Case - Appeal Headed To The Highest Court In Hong Kong
In Zhang Hong Li & Ors v DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited & Ors, FAMV 126/2018 (26 April 2019), the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal granted leave to the defendants to appeal against the judgment ...
Hong Kong
5 Sep 2019
Drowning In Documents? Irish Supreme Court Reasserts Traditional Discovery Tests
In our latest update, Kevin Harnett and Eugene McCormick of our Litigation team in Dublin write about a landmark decision by Chief Justice Clarke where the Irish Supreme Court has reasserted the traditional legal tests ...
23 Jul 2019
"True Sales" In Receivables Financing Transactions
The Court of Appeal's recent decision in Bank of Ireland v Eteams (International) Limited brings further important legal clarity for all forms of receivables finance transactions, as well as the "true sale" opinions ...
6 Jun 2019
Key Trends In Labour Inspection, Enforcement And Employment Dispute Resolution In Ireland
The Workplace Relations Commission ("WRC") has published its Annual Report for 2018.
15 May 2019
Repossessing Commercial Property Comprising A Private Residence
A recent High Court decision in Ireland highlights the care that needs to be taken in property repossession claims by lenders where a borrower's principal dwelling house ("PDH") ...
14 Mar 2019
The Arbitration Review Of The Americas 2019 - British Virgin Islands
The legislation governing arbitration in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is the Arbitration Act 2013
British Virgin Islands
10 Sep 2018
Free Riders Forewarned: Legal Costs Exposure For Non-Party Funders In Ireland
The Irish Supreme Court has confirmed in a recent case the courts' jurisdiction to make a person who is not a party to proceedings, but who funds and directs the proceedings on behalf of an impecunious corporate...
10 Sep 2018
The Arbitration Review Of The Americas 2019
The Arbitration Law 2012 (the Law) provides a modern statutory regime based largely on the UNCITRAL Model Law and the English Arbitration Act (1996 Act).
Cayman Islands
5 Sep 2018
The Importance Of Pursuing All Defendants In Irish Litigation
Section 35(1) of the Irish Civil Liability Act 1961, as amended, lists a number of grounds by which a plaintiff's acts or omissions with respect to the liability of concurrent wrongdoers can result in a reduction of...
31 Aug 2018
Irish Court Of Appeal Rules On Default Interest And Loan Enforcement Issues
A series of judgments handed down by the Court of Appeal on 30 July 2018 in linked litigation deals with important issues arising in loan default scenarios, particularly where the loan has been traded in the...
22 Aug 2018
Disclosure Of Winning Bids In Irish Public Procurement Challenges
On 28 March 2018, the Irish Court of Appeal gave judgment on an appeal against the High Court's refusal to order discovery of parts of a successful tender in a public procurement process ...
22 Jun 2018
Minister Announces Bill On House Repossession
The Minister for Justice announced on Tuesday (29 May 2018) that a new bill will be drafted to provide further protections for mortgagors facing repossession proceedings.
31 May 2018
Receiver By Way Of Equitable Execution - Irish Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Appeal
On 6 February 2018, the Irish Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal in ACC Loan Management Limited v Rickard in relation to the appointment of a receiver in aid of execution on the basis that the issue was one of general and public importance.
23 May 2018
Herald Fund SPC: The NAVs That Bind
In a decision that does much to reassert legal certainty for investors in Cayman Islands funds the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal ("CICA") has overruled a decision of the Grand Court concerning...
Cayman Islands
19 Mar 2018
Check Your Privilege: Meaningful Narrative And An Irish Solicitor's Confirmatory Affidavit
In preparing for a trial, parties are required to seek out and disclose on affidavit certain categories of documents to one another.
16 Mar 2018
Data Access Requests And Discovery - Recent Irish Judicial Development
In a recent decision, the Irish High Court held that a court may order a person to make discovery of personal information that he or she has a right to obtain from a third party on foot of a data access...
15 Mar 2018
Check Your Privilege: Meaningful Narrative And An Irish Solicitor's Confirmation Affidavit
In preparing for a trial, parties are required to seek out and disclose on affidavit certain categories of documents to one another.
13 Mar 2018
Top Jet - Cayman Islands Court Widens Scope Of Derivative Actions
Derivative actions on behalf of companies in foreign courts can raise difficult conflict of laws and company law issues.
Cayman Islands
30 Jan 2018
Challenges Faced when Seeking to Strike Out Potentially Unmeritorious Claims
A recent Court of Appeal judgment highlights the difficulties facing a defendant who seeks to have proceedings struck out which he/she considers to be unmeritorious.
18 Dec 2017
Cayman Islands Funds Clawbacks - Business As Usual
"Landmark decision" is perhaps becoming an overused phrase. You may have heard about the recent Privy Council ruling in DD Growth v RMF Market Neutral Strategies [2017] UKPC 36...
Cayman Islands
4 Dec 2017
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