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The amenability of private school decisions to judicial review
The question of whether private school decisions are amenable to judicial review has yet to be answered in New Zealand.
New Zealand
13 Sep 2019
Dealing with NZTA disputes – cooperate or litigate?
A cooperative but cautious approach to your dealings with the NZ Transport Agency may often yield more positive results.
New Zealand
26 Jul 2019
Insurance fraud – recovery of exemplary damages - UK case
There seems no reason why NZ courts would not take a similar approach to the United Kingdom for serious insurance fraud.
New Zealand
12 Oct 2018
Defective earthquake repairs: successful appeal of Robin v IAG: joinder of parties to the proceeding
The case confirmed the underlying rule of joinder of parties as the "pragmatism of avoiding a multiplicity of hearings".
New Zealand
10 Oct 2018
Family Protection Act: (un)enforceable contracting out provisions
A contractual clause that attempts to prevent one party from exercising rights under the FPA is void and unenforceable.
New Zealand
31 May 2018
Statutory demand set aside on appeal
A High Court judgment and a statutory demand for outstanding claims for landscaping work on a development were set aside.
New Zealand
30 Apr 2018
Interim liquidation order made on Pickwick basis
The respondent to the ex parte application was invited to appear without the need to file written submissions.
New Zealand
30 Apr 2018
Is it OK to collect biometric data from workers?
Employers need to consult with employees and obtain their consent before introducing the collection of biometric data.
New Zealand
21 Mar 2018
Do councils now owe a duty of care to building developers?
The case appears to entrench the courts' expansion of a duty of care owed by councils to all forms of building owners.
New Zealand
18 Jan 2018
Relationship property reform – have your say
The Law Commission wants to know what you think about the Property (Relationships) Act and whether reform is needed.
New Zealand
9 Nov 2017
Supreme Court clarifies when litigation funding amounts to an abuse of process
The Supreme Court has once more confirmed that litigation funding agreements are not themselves objectionable.
New Zealand
18 Oct 2017
A new look for the law of contempt in New Zealand?
This Law Commission Report recommends a number of sweeping reforms to the current law of contempt in New Zealand.
New Zealand
15 Sep 2017
Court of Appeal revisits the lawyer-litigant exception in costs
This article summarises the rationale of the decision and provides brief comment on its implications moving forward.
New Zealand
22 Aug 2017
The Arbitration Amendment Bill 2017
This 2017 amendment bill provided an important opportunity to affirm Government support for arbitration in New Zealand.
New Zealand
11 Jul 2017
Arbitration of trust disputes: a new frontier
The Arbitration Amendment Bill 2017 alleviates uncertainty and brings trust disputes clearly under the ambit of the Act.
New Zealand
20 Jun 2017
Is self-representation in court a good idea?
Self-representation, or going to court without a lawyer, will allow access to court, but you may not access justice.
New Zealand
8 Jun 2017
Debtor delays – strategic considerations on debtor appeal
If the debtor decides to appeal your money judgment, in most cases you should continue to take enforcement steps.
New Zealand
11 May 2017
Covert recordings by employees as evidence
This article in Law Talk looks at the admissibility of covert audio recordings as evidence in an employment dispute.
New Zealand
28 Mar 2017
The importance of complying with court orders
The rule of law in New Zealand involves honouring court orders to uphold and protect the administration of justice.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2017
Reopening an insurance cash settlement agreement? Supreme Court says no!
NZ courts are reluctant to reopen a settlement agreement unless there has been deception, duress, or misleading conduct.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2017
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