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Saudi Arabia - New Certification Scheme For Imported Products
In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Commerce has implemented a product certification programme for all imported consumer related products, under the authority of the Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO).
Saudi Arabia
6 Mar 2019
KSA Customs And Vision 2030
The Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as announced on 25 April 2016, is the plan for the post-oil era with the rise of new energy efficient producing technologies.
Saudi Arabia
21 Feb 2018
Transportation Disputes: Can Arbitration Deliver The Goods?
The transport sector has witnessed a great deal of growth across the MENA region. Following such growth, transport disputes are naturally expected to increase.
Saudi Arabia
22 Nov 2017
Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments And Arbitral Awards In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
In 2012, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced a new Arbitration Law (the "Arbitration Law") which replaced the previous Arbitration Law of 1983.
Saudi Arabia
4 Oct 2016
The Role Of Shari'a Law On The Enforcement Of Arbitral Awards In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
There is no question that today business world recognizes no boundaries; where an "international transaction" virtually converted into a regular operation.
Saudi Arabia
3 Oct 2016
Saudi Arabia
13 Sep 2016
Enforcing Foreign Arbitral Awards Where Assets Are In Saudi Arabia
A recent case may represent a tangible sign that the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in KSA has entered a new era.
Saudi Arabia
7 Sep 2016
Saudi Arabia To Join Hague Conference On Private International Law: A Move Toward International Standards?
On July 25, 2016, the Saudi Arabian cabinet resolved to become a member state of the Hague Conference on Private International Law.
Saudi Arabia
6 Sep 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - July 2016
As was described in our September 2015 KSA Update, the Saudi Arabian authorities recently made the decision to further liberalize the wholesale and retail trade sector.
Saudi Arabia
2 Aug 2016
The Criteria For Full Foreign Ownership In The Trading Sector
Pursuant to Decision No. 377 dated 13 June 2016 (the "CM Decision"), the Saudi Arabian Council of Ministers approved criteria for the licensing of foreign companies desiring to engage in retail and wholesale trading in Saudi Arabia, ..
Saudi Arabia
4 Jul 2016
Saudi Arabia Oil And Gas – The Eye Of The Storm?
A major theme of the last 12 months' oil and gas press has been that of Saudi Arabia's titanic struggle to hold its market share against the onslaught of the huge U.S. supply increases from shale gas.
Saudi Arabia
28 Aug 2015
Saudi Arabia’s New Arbitration Law (2012)
The Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently approved a new arbitration law.
Saudi Arabia
20 Sep 2012
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