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Business in Africa: investment and intellectual property
Exponential economic development across Africa has resulted in a greater necessity for increased protection of intellectual property ("IP") assets on the continent.
South Africa
20 Jun 2019
Rwanda Has Been Admitted As A Member Of The OECD Development Centre
On 20 May 2019, Rwanda was admitted as a member of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ("OECD") Development Centre.
South Africa
18 Jun 2019
Uganda Passes New Investment Code
Uganda has enacted the Investment Code Act, 2019 (the "Code"). The previous Code was enacted in 1991 and was long overdue for amendment given the changes in approach to attracting investment
8 Apr 2019
Amendments To Zimbabwe's Indigenisation Laws To Open Economy To Foreign Investment
Amendments to Zimbabwe's controversial Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act, Chapter 14:33 (the "Act"), were gazetted on 14 March 2018.
South Africa
12 Apr 2018
The Namibia Investment Promotion Act, 2016: Hindering Or Promoting Foreign Investment?
NIPA is set to replace the Foreign Investments Act, 1990 and, if implemented, will result in far-reaching changes in the Namibian foreign investment regime.
South Africa
20 Jul 2017
The Rule Of Law In Africa: Enforcing Governance Or Scaring Off Foreign Investors?
In the era of globalisation, the degree of economic liberalisation is more pervasive than ever before.
South Africa
1 Mar 2016
Special Economic Zones – An Efficient Instrument To Increase Industrialisation
An SEZ is meant to be an economic development tool to promote rapid economic growth by using various support measures to attract targeted foreign and domestic investments and technology.
South Africa
8 Feb 2016
Is South Korea An Outlier For Trade In South Africa?
South Africa may be missing out on opportunities to attract well known and internationally reputable South Korean engineering and construction companies.
South Africa
18 Jun 2014
EXCON: Has The President Gone Too Far?
The recent amendment to Regulation 10 of the Exchange Control Regulations has possibly opened a proverbial constitutional can of worms.
South Africa
24 Jul 2012
South Africa's Domestic Law A Treaty Override?
Treaty shopping broadly entails interposing an intermediate company in an investment or transaction structure.
South Africa
14 Jun 2012
The Liability Of Foreign Residents Doing Business In South Africa To Register For Value Added Tax Purposes
Foreign residents doing business in South Africa often neglect to register as a value added tax ("VAT") vendor in circumstances where services are rendered to South African enterprises. The misunderstanding generally arises because the foreign resident is under the impression that it does not need to register as a vendor for VAT purposes in view of the fact that the transaction may be once-off and that it would therefore not be conducting business in South Africa on a continuous basis
South Africa
4 May 2005
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