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Sanctions 2020 : nouveau guide du régime de sanctions au Canada
Shawn Neylan, associé au sein du groupe Concurrence et investissements étrangers de Stikeman Elliott, a récemment rédigé le chapitre canadien de la première édition de l'International Comparative Legal Guide Sanctions 2020, ...
21 Nov 2019
Le secteur pétrolier et gazier au Canada : structure et perspectives
Les intervenants du secteur pétrolier et gazier, que ce soit au Canada ou à l'étranger, auront intérêt à télécharger Energy: Oil & Gas Canada.
18 Jun 2019
Le Bureau de la concurrence annonce une augmentation des frais de dépôt pour les transactions devant faire l'objet d'un avis
Les frais de dépôt applicables aux préavis de fusion sont conçus pour aider le Bureau à couvrir les frais d'examen des fusions dans les délais imposés par ses normes de service.
23 May 2019
Oil And Gas: As Foreign Investment Leaves, Canadian Ownership Grows
For the past 70 years, there has been substantial foreign investment in Canadian upstream oil and gas.
2 Oct 2017
Bill C-44 Receives Royal Assent, Raises Foreign Investment Review Threshold To C$1 Billion
On June 22, 2017, the 2017 budget implementation bill (Bill C-44) received royal assent, enacting amendments to Canada's foreign investment regime, ...
29 Jun 2017
Fifteen Key Legal Developments For Oil & Gas Companies
We have summarized key developments in Canadian law from the fourth quarter of 2016, relevant to the oil and gas industry.
6 Mar 2017
Government Releases Much-Awaited National Security Review Guidelines
Most significantly, the Guidelines list factors that will be taken into account by the government in determining whether foreign investments into Canada could be injurious to national security.
29 Dec 2016
Tax Considerations For Foreign Investors – Financing Acquisitions In Canada
Cross-border investments often provide opportunities to shift tax deductions and income between jurisdictions in order to maximize global tax efficiency.
20 Jun 2016
U.S. FIRPTA Reform Signed Into Law By President Obama
On December 18, 2015, the U.S. Congress passed and President Obama signed into law major reforms to the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act contained in the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015.
5 Jan 2016
Proposed Changes To The U.S. Taxation Of Foreign Investment In U.S. Real Property
Generally speaking, equity interests in real estate investment trusts (REITs) are considered USRPHCs, such that non-U.S shareholders of REITs are subject to the FIRPTA tax.
United States
21 Dec 2015
Changes To Canadian Foreign Investment Regime: Higher Bar For Review, More Burdensome Disclosure Requirements Under The Investment Canada Act
The "net benefit" review threshold will be changed from an asset value test to an enterprise value test, and will be increased from C$369 million to C$600 million, for most investors.
8 Apr 2015
Competition And Foreign Investment Regulation
2012 proved to be a highly eventful year for foreign investment law in Canada. Although numerous foreign investments by SOEs in the Canadian energy sector had received foreign investment approvals in recent years1, the summer of 2012 saw the announcement of two multi-billion dollar energy transactions involving SOEs that collectively posed an unprecedented test for the Investment Canada Act and for Canadian policymakers.
9 Jan 2013
Federal Government Announces Targeted Changes To The Investment Canada Act
On April 26, 2012 the Minister of Finance, Jim Flaherty, introduced the budget implementation legislation, Bill C-38—the Jobs, Growth and Long-term Prosperity Act—which provides for significant amendments to federal legislation in line with the objectives set out in the government’s 2012 Budget Plan.
8 May 2012
Prime Minister Says Free Market Principles Will Be Tempered By Reality
Bloomberg News reported yesterday that in an interview given on September 21, Canada's Prime Minister Harper confirmed that capital from China and other countries is welcome provided that acquisitions of Canadian businesses are "economic in nature and don’t have other strategic or political objectives".
29 Sep 2011
Investment Canada says "no" to BHP Billiton takeover of PotashCorp
On November 3, 2010, Canada's Minister of Industry announced his conclusion that the proposed acquisition by BHP Billiton plc of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. was not likely to be of "net benefit to Canada".
10 Jan 2011
Investment Canada says "no" to BHP Billiton takeover of PotashCorp
On November 3, 2010, Canada's Minister of Industry announced his conclusion that the proposed acquisition by BHP Billiton plc of Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc. was not likely to be of "net benefit to Canada".
7 Dec 2010
CSA Members Sign Agreement with Chinese insurance Regulator
The Canadian Securities Administrators announced last week that eight of its members (the provincial regulators but for Newfoundland and PEI) signed a regulatory cooperation agreement with the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.
23 Nov 2010
GST/HST On Portfolio Management Fees - New Legislative Proposals
On December 14, 2009, the Department of Finance released a backgrounder containing legislative proposals in response to the recent Federal Court of Appeal decision The Queen v. The Canadian Medical Protective Association ("CMPA") rendered in April 2009.
22 Dec 2009
Massive Amendments To Competition Act And Investment Canada Act Tabled Today
The Canadian Competition Bureau will be pleased today, as significant and far-reaching amendments to the Competition Act and the Investment Canada Act were included in the Budget Implementation, 2009 bill (C-10), which was tabled today in the House of Commons by the Canadian government (see Parts XII and XIII).
9 Feb 2009
New Investment Canada Act Review Threshold Announced
The Federal Government has just provided notice that the general threshold for review under the Investment Canada Act for a direct acquisition of control of a Canadian business by WTO investors for 2008 will be C$295 million.
14 Feb 2008
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