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The Global Spotlight On Labor Trafficking In Corporate Supply Chains -- Know Your Obligations
Human trafficking is a global problem that is receiving the attention of legislators and law enforcement.
30 Aug 2018
Community Service Initiatives: Anti-Human Trafficking Project (Video)
This video describes Jones Day's Anti-Human Trafficking Project, and features lawyers who describe how and why the project was undertaken.
United States
11 Dec 2017
A New Chinese National Intelligence Law Is On Its Way
The Draft allows the Agencies to access and use private parties' materials and facilities to carry out their function.
20 Jun 2017
The Brexit Clock Has Started—What Happens Next?
The United Kingdom and the remaining European Union Member States ("EU-27") will negotiate the terms of the UK's withdrawal—and likely its future relationship with the EU—over the course of...
29 Mar 2017
Article 29 WP Publishes Working Document On Justified Surveillance Measures When Transferring Personal Data
On April 13, the Article 29 WP issued a Working Document assessing how the invalidation of the Safe Harbor framework affected data transfers to the United States.
European Union
20 Jun 2016
Supreme Court Relies On Attorney Notes In Considering A Claim Of Racial Profiling In Juror Selection
A Georgia jury convicted Timothy Foster of murder and sentenced him to death. During jury selection, the prosecution used peremptory challenges to strike the black jurors remaining in the jury pool.
United States
31 May 2016
Right Of Reply Bill Takes Effect
On November 12, 2015, Brazil's right of reply legislation (source document in Portuguese) took effect.
11 Apr 2016
Does The ADA Require Drink Dispensers To Talk?
In April 2015, Mary West and Patricia Diamond visited a Moe's Restaurant, where they attempted to use a "Freestyle" drink dispenser, which allows customers to select from over 100 different beverages using a touch-screen interface.
United States
9 Feb 2016
Dawn Raids By French Competition Watchdog Trampled On Fundamental Rights
The European Court of Human Rights recently ruled that dawn raids carried out at the premises of two French construction companies by the DGCCRF violated both the rights of defense and the right to privacy, due to inadequate judicial review of both the decision authorizing the raids and the scope of documents seized.
European Union
22 Apr 2015
Brazil Considers "Right To Be Forgotten" Law
Currently, the RTBF is applicable in Brazil only when a former convicted criminal seeks to enforce his or her right to rehabilitation and social integration through confidentiality of criminal and prosecution records.
19 Jan 2015
Brazil And Germany Sponsor New Draft Resolution To Improve Protection Standards Against Digital Spying
On November 25, the United Nations General Assembly's Third Committee approved without a vote a new draft resolution sponsored by Brazil and Germany on the right to privacy in the digital age.
19 Jan 2015
Sovereign Debt Update - November-December 2014
The resolution, which was proposed by Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Venezuela, and Algeria, passed in the 47-member council with 33 votes in favor.
15 Dec 2014
A Blessing For Employers? The European Court Of Human Rights Says When It Is Proportionate To Interfere With The Right To Freedom Of Thought, Conscience And Religion
On January 15, 2013, the Strasbourg Court issued its decision in the case of Eweida and Others v. The United Kingdom.
United States
12 Jun 2013
Violation Of A Works Council´s Right Of Codetermination And The Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree
In a December 13, 2007, decision, the Federal Labor Court opined on how to treat information that an employer had obtained illegally as part of a wrongful-termination action.
10 Nov 2008
Reinhardt Ascendant? Supreme Court Holds That The Tax Injunction Act Does Not Bar an Establishment-Clause Challenge to Arizona Tax-Credit Statute
As the Supreme Court’s October 2003 Term wrapped up last month, the press – in its zeal to cover holdings on matters such as national security, the evisceration of the federal Sentencing Guidelines, and the extraterritorial reach of U.S. antitrust laws– overlooked the single biggest story of the Term.
United States
9 Sep 2004
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