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Carts And Horses: The Key Differences Between The Decisions On Prorogation
Over the course of six days in this past two weeks, the Divisional Court of England and Wales and the Inner House of the Court of Session
8 Oct 2019
Public Law Case Update - August 2019
Written by Gowling WLG's team of public law and regulation experts, our case update offers a straightforward and concise overview of six recent important cases
European Union
26 Aug 2019
Brexit: Is A Second Referendum A Possibility?
The possibility of having a second referendum has become embedded into the political discussion around Brexit.
9 Aug 2019
The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement Deconstructed
The Withdrawal Agreement sets out the terms on which the UK will leave the EU.
5 Aug 2019
Can Parliament Prevent A No-Deal Brexit?
Our Head of Constitutional Affairs gives his analysis of the political and legal tools which may be used by Parliament to prevent a no-deal Brexit.
29 Jul 2019
Saudi Arms Case - Government Told To Ask The Right Questions, And Answer Them
The Court of Appeal's decision in R (on the application of Campaign Against Arms Trade) v Secretary of State for International Trade presents a rare example of a successful challenge
8 Jul 2019
Public Law Case Update - June 2019
Our latest case update includes five significant cases chosen by the Public Law and Regulation team to highlight important principles or procedural points.
European Union
25 Jun 2019
What Impact Could A Second Referendum Have On Business?
Under Theresa May's ill-fated Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB), MPs would have been given the chance to vote on whether to hold a second referendum.
17 Jun 2019
Can The High Court Surveil The Investigatory Powers Tribunal?
In R v Investigatory Powers Tribunal and others, the Supreme Court considered whether judicial review of decisions of the Investigatory Powers Tribunal was successfully excluded.
3 Jun 2019
Retained EU Law - A Practical Guide
Retained EU law is a legal term introduced into UK law under the European Union Act 2018.
European Union
13 Mar 2019
Another Reminder Of The Wide Margin Of Discretion Afforded In Making Complex Decisions
The vast majority of prescriptions made by the NHS in England each year are dispensed by retail pharmacy businesses operating in communities around the country.
13 Feb 2019
Brexit - What Happens Now?
The government has deferred the vote on the Brexit deal that it has negotiated and the Prime Minister has also survived a dramatic leadership challenge from within her own party.
European Union
18 Dec 2018
Parliament Gets Its Teeth Into The Brexit Debate
Yesterday, MPs kicked off five days of debate on whether or not to accept the terms of the Brexit deal negotiated by the government. The action yesterday (4 December) centred around two main points
10 Dec 2018
Advocate General States That UK Can Unilaterally Reverse Out Of Brexit
Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona has this morning given his opinion to CJEU in the Wightman case regarding whether UK can unilaterally withdraw notice of its intention to leave the UK...
7 Dec 2018
CJEU Rejects (The Other) Brexit Case As Inadmissible
Today everyone's focus is on the CJEU hearing taking place in the Wightman case. However, yesterday CJEU published its judgment in another Brexit challenge - Shindler and Ors v Council of the European Union.
29 Nov 2018
Public Law Case Update - Consultation Edition
Many decisions made by public bodies have an impact on or affect their stakeholders. Although there is no single overarching duty which obliges public bodies to seek and take account of the views...
27 Nov 2018
Supreme Court Paves The Way For A Decision On Whether The UK Can Reverse Out Of Brexit
In a few weeks MPs will be asked to vote to approve the Withdrawal Agreement and political declaration on a future trade deal negotiated by the government.
23 Nov 2018
Business And Human Rights - UK NCP (Partially) Accepts Complaint In Relation To The Royal Windsor Horse Show
On 7 November 2018, the UK NCP issued its Initial Assessment of a complaint from the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy (BIRD) against HPower Group Limited (HPG).
21 Nov 2018
Committee Says MPs Should Be Able To Require Government To Renegotiate Or Have A Second Referendum As Part Of Their Meaningful Vote
In the political tempest of the last couple of days it would be easy for a report by a Parliamentary committee to slip under the radar unremarked.
21 Nov 2018
How Meaningful Is Parliament's Meaningful Vote On The Brexit Deal?
Late in the passage of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act (the EUWA) through Parliament, a provision was inserted providing MPs with a so-called 'meaningful vote' on the Brexit deal negotiated by the government.
8 Nov 2018
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