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Public Decision Making Newsletter - Winter 2019
This newsletter summarises recent developments in law relating to resource management and local government in New Zealand that may be of interest to local authorities and decision makers.
New Zealand
31 Jul 2019
Pay equity legislation moves through Parliament
As this legislation moves through Parliament, employers should consider if pay equity may be an issue in their industry.
New Zealand
24 Jun 2019
New Zealand Anti-Gun Law To Be Introduced Shortly
The recent and tragic event that occurred in the nation of New Zealand has been something of a shock the world around.
New Zealand
4 Apr 2019
Tikanga Māori in the law and the Māori-Crown relationship in New Zealand
To reinforce a commitment and dedication to Māori culture, Chapman Tripp has released their formal te reo Māori policy
New Zealand
1 Mar 2019
Buying residential property in New Zealand – do you need consent?
Most overseas people are unable to buy residential property in New Zealand, but some can request consent from the OIO.
New Zealand
31 Jan 2019
Proposed NZ legislation changes in privacy and employment law
There are a number of proposed changes to NZ legislation, progressing in 2019, relating to privacy and employment law.
New Zealand
26 Dec 2018
Changes to the Overseas Investment Act – do they affect me?
From 22 October 2018, all purchasers of NZ residential land will have to complete a "residential land statement".
New Zealand
1 Dec 2018
A declaration of rights (or legislative wrongs) in New Zealand
The NZ High Court has jurisdiction to declare legislation inconsistent with the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.
New Zealand
26 Nov 2018
New Zealand Plant Variety Rights (PVR) Act Under Review
The current New Zealand PVR Act is over 30 years old, and is being reviewed with a view to bringing it more in line with the corresponding Acts of many of New Zealand's trading partners.
New Zealand
20 Nov 2018
Would you rather give up your password or pay $5000? A review of the Customs and Excise Act 2018
The Customs and Excise Act 2018 permits a customs officer to require you to provide access to your electronic device.
New Zealand
16 Nov 2018
Supreme Court decision will reshape how the Government deals with iwi interests
It remains to be seen how the Crown responds to this judgment but the threat of judicial review by iwi will be a concern.
New Zealand
21 Sep 2018
Landmark case will reshape way Government deals with iwi land interests
Governments and the Waitangi Tribunal may have to consider iwi and hapu rights when making decisions affecting Maori.
New Zealand
20 Sep 2018
Waimea Nurseries Limited v Director-General for Primary Industries [2018] NZHC 2183: Biosecurity regime
Key issues were whether the trees were "unauthorised goods" and if the seizure and containment orders were reasonable.
New Zealand
17 Sep 2018
Expanded overseas investment regime
The NZ Government has confirmed that it is planning a much more comprehensive review on the overseas investment regime.
New Zealand
10 Sep 2018
New OIO laws bring changes for residential land, forestry and horticulture
The main focus of the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill is to bring residential land within the Overseas Investment Act.
New Zealand
24 Aug 2018
Overseas Investment Amendment Bill – property development update
This update contains detail on how these overseas investment changes will impact on the property development sector.
New Zealand
24 Aug 2018
Beneficial ownership register - a case of sledgehammer vs nut
A compulsory public register of company and limited partnership beneficial ownership in NZ should be firmly rejected.
New Zealand
20 Aug 2018
Work still to go on overseas investment regime
This Bill only aims to reduce foreign competition for residential properties and change rules on forestry acquisitions.
New Zealand
1 Aug 2018
Overseas Investment Amendment Bill enters home straight
The Act requires overseas persons to obtain consent before acquiring certain assets, including certain residential land.
New Zealand
1 Aug 2018
New domestic violence law – how will this affect employment relationships?
Any employees affected by domestic violence will be entitled to apply for domestic violence leave from their employer.
New Zealand
30 Jul 2018
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