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Article 13 Of The New Copyright Directive Shown A Red Card
On 5 July 2018 627 of 751 members of the European Parliament voted on the proposed Copyright Directive, with 318 voting to reject articles 11 and 13, the link tax and upload filters, respectively.
European Union
11 Jul 2018
Intellectual Property Update: Review 2016
The trend of IP enforcement continues with almost all sectors experiencing some activity. Combined with this, we explore some other interesting developments.
13 Mar 2017
EU Court Answers: When Can You Re-sell Software?
The initial acquirer of a copy of software, in some circumstances, may resell that copy and his licence to a new acquirer.
16 Nov 2016
Business Owners Providing Free Wi-Fi May Be Required To Implement Password Protection
The Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed that business owners who offer free Wi-Fi are not responsible for copyright infringement carried out by customers using their service.
European Union
24 Oct 2016
Is The Public Lending Of E-Books Similar To Lending Traditional Books?
Whether or not the public lending of e-books is treated, in EU copyright law, in the same manner as the public lending of traditional books has been a relatively contentious topic among EU Member States.
27 Sep 2016
No More Geo-Blocking? European Commission To Tackle Cross-Border E-Commerce Discrimination
In May 2016, the European Commission published proposals to prevent companies and online retailers, who sell in or into the EU, from engaging in ‘geo-blocking' and other geographical restrictions.
7 Sep 2016
Private Copying Levies Cannot Be Paid From Central Government Funds
The CJEU has held that a system in Spain whereby the equitable remuneration payable in respect of private copying paid to rights holders out of the General State Budget is not compatible with EU copyright law.
European Union
30 Aug 2016
IP Update: Irish Court Of Appeal Confirms Court Ordered Graduated Response System For ISPs
The Irish Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal against a court ordered or "common law" graduated response, or three strikes, system.
2 Aug 2016
Copyrighting APIs – Google And Oracle Battle It Out
In May 2016, a six-year legal tussle between Google and Oracle entered its final phase when the US District Court for Northern California ruled that Google's use of 37 Oracle Java APIs...
22 Jun 2016
IP Update: Failure To Pay Private Copying Levy Is A Tort
Copyright collecting societies who collect private copying levies can bring non-payment proceedings in their own Member State, rather than suing in the jurisdiction where the person in default of payment is domiciled.
17 Jun 2016
Engaging Interns In Ireland, Part 2 – Interns And Intellectual Property
Part 1 of our Engaging Interns blog highlighted the absence of law clarifying the status of interns in Ireland.
16 Jun 2016
Recent Opinion - Hyperlinking To Unauthorised Content
In a recent opinion of Advocate General Wathelet, hyperlinking to unauthorised content on the internet may not amount to copyright infringement.
European Union
6 Jun 2016
Hyperlinks And Copyright Law – Where Does Responsibility Lie?
In recent weeks, Advocate General Wathelet ("AG") – an independent advisor to the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") – delivered his Opinion in GS Media v Sanoma.
European Union
3 May 2016
Is Your Online Business Ready For The API Economy?
Organisations across the world are recognising that APIs are fuelling e-commerce and becoming the building blocks of the online economy.
20 Apr 2016
Intellectual Property For Start-Ups
While it may not be the first thing that grabs your attention when starting up a new company or business, every start-up should consider intellectual property ("IP") protection at an early stage.
14 Apr 2016
Are Retailers Responsible For User Activity On Their Free Wi-Fi?
Retailers, who in the course of business offer free unprotected Wi-Fi, should not be held responsible if their customers use the service to infringe copyright.
7 Apr 2016
Intellectual Property Update: 2015 Review
In early 2015, Ireland became the first EU Member State to introduce plain or standardised packaging for tobacco products.
3 Feb 2016
The ‘Internet Of Things': Legal Challenges In An Ultra-Connected World
Gartner predicts that by the end of this year over 6.4 billion web-enabled devices will be connected as part of the Internet of Things, an increase of 30% on 2015.
25 Jan 2016
2015 Review: Hot Topics In Tech Law
2015 was a year of significant developments in tech law. The EU's highest court – the CJEU – published a number of landmark judgments throughout the year.
European Union
12 Jan 2016
MHC Times Issue 37 Autumn 2015
Welcome to the 37th issue of MHC Times. In this issue, we look at Ireland's relationship with Europe and what we have to offer as a country across various sectors.
21 Dec 2015
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