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Ten Top Tips To Enhancing IP In A Sports Sponsorship Deal
Whether partnering with a sports star, a sports team or a sports organisation, at the heart of every sports sponsorship agreement is a brand alliance.
30 Apr 2019
Brexit And IP - Patents
The article below dealing with patents is the first in a series of articles authored by Deirdre Kilroy and Michael Finn analysing the impact of Brexit in the area of intellectual property.
1 Apr 2019
Is Your Food Really Guaranteed Irish? New Transparency Requirements Under EU Food Law
Provenance of food consistently ranks as one of the most important issues for EU consumers. A new EU Regulation (Regulation 2018/775) which will take effect in April 2020
European Union
20 Feb 2019
Cheesed Off: Taste Is Not Eligible For Copyright Protection
Intellectual property law is essential to protecting a food business in a competitive market. A food business should have a clear understanding of the intellectual property rights available to protect its market position.
European Union
29 Nov 2018
A Brief Guide To Registering Trade Marks
In this guide we explain: what a trade mark is and what it is used for; what the key elements of a trade mark are; why trade marks are registered; the trade mark registration process; and how Matheson's trade mark services can assist your business.
16 Nov 2018
Irish Commercial Court Refuses To Suspend Patent Litigation
The Irish Commercial Court has departed from a long standing precedent and refused to suspend national patent revocation proceedings whilst parallel opposition proceedings are ongoing in the European
20 Aug 2018
The Importance Of Trade Marks When Choosing A Domain Name
If you're building an online branding strategy, you need to think about trade marks. Our partner Deirdre Kilroy has the essential checklist for securing your online brand.
European Union
12 Jan 2018
European Commission Launches Public Consultation On Supplementary Protection Certificates
The European Commission (the "Commission") launched a public consultation on 12 October 2017 (the "Consultation") seeking views on proposed reforms on certain aspects of patent ...
European Union
21 Dec 2017
Substantive Review Of The Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Is Under Way
The UDRP is to be reviewed in the overall context of a broader review of all rights protection mechanisms.
30 Aug 2016
ECJ Considers Test For Assessing Likelihood Of Confusion With Family Of Trademarks
This dispute arose from an application filed on April 3 2009 by Ibercosmetica SA de CV for registration of the word mark SŌ: UNIC as a Community trademark (CTM) for goods in Class 3 of the Nice Classification.
European Union
15 Dec 2015
Updates On European Union Law
The following is an update on relevant EU legal developments which will have an impact on doing business in the European Union.
European Union
8 Sep 2015
The Push To Harmonise European IP Laws Gathers Momentum
The push to harmonise both the substantive and procedural aspects of European intellectual property laws and to create pan-European rights gathers ever-increasing momentum.
European Union
24 Jul 2015
European Union General Court Judgment Issued In Community Trademark Dispute Case
On June 4 2015 the General Court issued its judgment in Stayer Iberica SA v Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Case T-254/13).
European Union
23 Jul 2015
Where Can You Sue For Online Copyright Infringement?
The General Court of the European Union (CJEU) has confirmed that a person can sue for copyright infringement in the courts of their own Member State if the allegedly infringing material is accessible online in that Member State.
European Union
8 Jun 2015
eBay Obtains Transfer Of Thousands Of Domain Names Under UDRP
In eBay Inc v Du Hongxia (Case No D2014-2015), eBay has succeeded in securing the transfer to it of thousands of domain names comprising the well-known EBAY trademark, followed by a number and the generic '.com' or '.net' top-level domain identifiers (eg, '')
3 Mar 2015
International Business Group Update - Companies Act And Knowledge Development Box
Our first International Business Group update of 2015 will bring you updates on a number of key Irish and EU legal developments that may impact your business in Ireland.
25 Feb 2015
Intellectual Property Group December Newsletter
Another very active year in the Inetllectual Property (IP) world is drawing to a close and the range of ongoing initiatives and concerns being raised at a local and European level is unprecedented.
2 Jan 2015
Internet Users Breathe A Sigh Of Relief As European Court Rules That Internet Browsing Does Not Infringe Copyright
If you are reading this on an internet browser you may be relieved to know that you are not infringing copyright law.
1 Sep 2014
How Much Profit Is An Account Of Profit For Passing Off? Not All Profit, Says High Court
The Irish High Court has reviewed the approaches to awarding an account of profit when a defendant is found liable for passing off.
30 Jul 2014
General Court Considers Community Equivalent Of US ‘Morehouse Defence’
In Argo Group International Holdings Ltd v Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market, the General Court has upheld the decision of the Second Board of Appeal of OHIM.
European Union
15 Jul 2014
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