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Trademarks Comparative Guide
Trademarks Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Saudi Arabia, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Saudi Arabia
30 Jul 2019
Decrease In Trademark Official Fees
Trademark assignments, however, will be subject to an increase in official fees.
Saudi Arabia
25 Apr 2019
Development Of The Healthcare Sector In Saudi Arabia
The Saudi Council of Ministers has recently approved certain amendments to the Private Health Institutes Law (the Amendments).
Saudi Arabia
15 Jan 2019
Rules For The Licensing Of Saudi Arbitration Centers
In an attempt to foster "a fair and attractive arbitration environment, promote the spread of the arbitration culture, based on the highest international benchmarks and standards, and reduce the pressure on the court system", ...
Saudi Arabia
12 Nov 2018
Turning Clicks Into Contracts: Top Ten Tips For An Influencer Marketing Contracts
The rise of the influencer as a marketing tool has been much discussed in the Middle East. From Kuwaiti beauty bloggers, who attract several million followers ...
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
2018 Special 301 Report's "Watch-List": An Analysis Of The Inclusion Of Saudi Arabia And The UAE
Special 301 Report (the "Report") is a United States congressional mandated document that reflects the U.S. Administration's views on the protection and enforcement of U.S. intellectual property (IP) rights globally.
Saudi Arabia
26 Jun 2018
Domain Name Strategies For Brand Owners
Having a website is essential for any business wishing to have an online presence. In doing so, brand owners are well advised to take control of their domain name management.
Saudi Arabia
25 Jun 2018
Protecting IP Rights In Saudi Arabia
As the importance of a knowledge-based economy quickly emerges in Saudi Arabia, intellectual property (IP) assets will play an increasing role.
Saudi Arabia
5 Jun 2018
UAE Implements New Fast-Tracked Registration For Innovative And Orphan Drugs
Effective 22 January 2018, the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the United Arab Emirates (‘MOHAP') issued a Ministerial Resolution that provides for the fast-track registration of...
Saudi Arabia
25 Apr 2018
KSA Customs And Vision 2030
The Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as announced on 25 April 2016, is the plan for the post-oil era with the rise of new energy efficient producing technologies.
Saudi Arabia
21 Feb 2018
Changes To Powers Of Attorney In Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has issued a judicial announcement in which it stated that powers of attorney provided to legal advisers and IP representatives will be considered valid for five years only from the date of issuance.
Saudi Arabia
12 Jan 2018
Innovations And IP Protection In Transport: From Industrialization To Computerization
Evolution and improvements in technology have allowed man to travel, expand and explore far reaching territories.
Saudi Arabia
8 Nov 2017
The Fight Against Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals: Innovative Technologies To The Rescue?
For the pharmaceutical industry and for governmental regulators, counterfeit medications remain a top concern not only in the MENA region, but globally.
Saudi Arabia
21 Sep 2017
Letters Of Consent In Saudi Arabia – An Effective Means Of Overcoming Citations?
Letters of consent may, in certain circumstances, be an effective means for overcoming a refusal of a trade mark application that has been refused on relative grounds.
Saudi Arabia
15 Dec 2016
Introduction To The Legal System Of The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Shariah law underpins the legal framework of the Kingdom. Shariah law is a set of principles derived from the Quran, the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet Mohammed) and the works of jurists and scholars.
Saudi Arabia
4 Oct 2016
Saudi Trade Mark Office Adopts GCC Trade Mark Law - Legal And Practical Implications
The Saudi Trade Mark Office has confirmed that it has adopted the GCC Trade Mark Law and its Implementing Regulations with effect from 29 September 2016.
Saudi Arabia
3 Oct 2016
Fee Levels: Why Brand Owners Need To React Fast In The Middle East And North Africa
Recent fee increases are just one area of change creating challenges for brand owners in the Middle East and Africa.
Saudi Arabia
28 Sep 2016
Saudi Arabia Edges Closer To Implementing The GCC Trade Mark Law
1 July 2016 marked the publication of the GCC Trade Mark Law and its Implementing Regulations in the Saudi Arabian Official Gazette.
Saudi Arabia
25 Jul 2016
Construction Contractors & Engineers In Saudi Arabia: Protect Your
When a technology is a novel and inventive process, machine or composition ("invention"), contractors and engineering consultants in the construction industry in Saudi Arabia should ask.
Saudi Arabia
1 Oct 2015
Intellectual Property Newsletter - March 2015
We are delighted to announce that, with effect from 1 March 2015, our office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is operating as a fully integrated Clyde & Co office.
Saudi Arabia
24 Mar 2015
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