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Do You Copy? – New Act Makes Significant Amendments To Copyright Law In Ireland
On 26 June 2019, the Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Law Provisions Act 2018 (the "Act") was signed into law by the President
19 Jul 2019
Seek And Destroy - Hosting Providers' Obligations To Track Down Illegal Content May Be Extended By European Court
Advocate General Szpunar (the "AG") of the Court of Justice ("CJEU") has stated in a noteworthy opinion that the E-Commerce Directive1 (the "Directive") does not preclude host providers from being ordered,
4 Jul 2019
Global Legal Insights: AI, Machine Learning & Big Data, 2019 - First Edition
In the first edition of Global Legal Insights' guide on AI, Machine Learning & Big Data, Kevin Harnett and Victor Timon provide an overview of AI and the laws and regulations in Ireland.
2 Jul 2019
The EU Copyright Directive – Controversial Policing Of Online Copyright
Recently, the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (the "EU Copyright Directive") was approved by a narrow majority of the EU Parliament. The EU Copyright Directive is designed
European Union
5 Jun 2019
Ten Top Tips To Enhancing IP In A Sports Sponsorship Deal
Whether partnering with a sports star, a sports team or a sports organisation, at the heart of every sports sponsorship agreement is a brand alliance.
30 Apr 2019
Brexit And IP - Patents
The article below dealing with patents is the first in a series of articles authored by Deirdre Kilroy and Michael Finn analysing the impact of Brexit in the area of intellectual property.
1 Apr 2019
The New Trade Mark Regulations: What Brand Owners Need To Know
If you own or use registered trade marks in Ireland, then the new European Union (Trade Mark) Regulations 2018 (the "Regulations") may affect you.
European Union
21 Feb 2019
Is Your Food Really Guaranteed Irish? New Transparency Requirements Under EU Food Law
Provenance of food consistently ranks as one of the most important issues for EU consumers. A new EU Regulation (Regulation 2018/775) which will take effect in April 2020
European Union
20 Feb 2019
I'm Revokin' It – EUIPO Revokes BIG MAC EU Trade Mark
Has McDonald's used the BIG MAC trade mark in Europe since 2017?
31 Jan 2019
Cheesed Off: Taste Is Not Eligible For Copyright Protection
Intellectual property law is essential to protecting a food business in a competitive market. A food business should have a clear understanding of the intellectual property rights available to protect its market position.
European Union
29 Nov 2018
A Brief Guide To Registering Trade Marks
In this guide we explain: what a trade mark is and what it is used for; what the key elements of a trade mark are; why trade marks are registered; the trade mark registration process; and how Matheson's trade mark services can assist your business.
16 Nov 2018
Trade Secrets – Make Sure Your Business Isn't Left Behind
The Irish legislation, the European Union (Protection of Trade Secrets) Regulations 2018 (Regulations) came into effect in June 2018.
26 Oct 2018
New Rights, New Rules: The EU Directive On Copyright In The Digital Single Market
The proposed Directive contains a new press publishers' right and imposes enhanced obligations on online content sharing service providers ...
5 Oct 2018
Who Should Bear The Cost Of Blocking Orders For IP Infringement?
ISPs in the UK no longer have to shoulder the cost of implementing online blocking orders.
3 Sep 2018
Irish Commercial Court Refuses To Suspend Patent Litigation
The Irish Commercial Court has departed from a long standing precedent and refused to suspend national patent revocation proceedings whilst parallel opposition proceedings are ongoing in the European
20 Aug 2018
Know How To Protect Your Know-How
Organisations should take steps now to ensure their valuable know-how and business information can be classed as a ‘trade secret' ...
18 Jul 2018
Article 13 Of The New Copyright Directive Shown A Red Card
On 5 July 2018 627 of 751 members of the European Parliament voted on the proposed Copyright Directive, with 318 voting to reject articles 11 and 13, the link tax and upload filters, respectively.
European Union
11 Jul 2018
Spot The Difference: Collateral Warranties, Direct Agreements, And Duty Of Care Deeds Explained
In any construction project, there will be multiple parties with an interest in the works to be constructed, who have no contractual nexus with some or all of the parties responsible...
25 Apr 2018
Pressing For Greater Rights: The Proposed Press Publishers' Right In The EU
The evolution of digital technologies and proliferation of mobile devices have transformed how content is created, distributed and consumed.
12 Apr 2018
Putting The Foot Down – Could Christian Louboutin Red Soles Trademark Be Invalid?
On 6 February 2018, Advocate General Szpunar (AG) delivered his second opinion on Christian Louboutin's shoes trademark
19 Mar 2018
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