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Africa Tax In Brief - October 2017
During the International Conference on Tax in Africa held in Abuja from 26 to 28 September 2017, the African Tax Administration Forum launched its "Toolkit for Transfer Pricing Risk Assessment...
27 Nov 2017
2017 Budget News
Individuals and special trusts.
South Africa
10 Aug 2017
A "Wealth Tax" For South Africa?
The tax is to be paid on the market value of the assets owned year on year, whether or not such assets yield any income or differently put, it is typically a tax on unrealised income.
South Africa
25 May 2017
Capital Gains Tax: Cancellation Of Disposals
Capital gains tax is imposed on any amount that a taxpayer becomes entitled to as a result of a disposal of an asset, whether this amount has been received in cash or not.
South Africa
24 Apr 2017
Africa Tax In Brief - 19 July 2016
The Securities Code Regulation (Regulation No. 6/16) (the "Regulation") was approved by the Council of Administration of the Capital Market Commission and gazetted on 7 June 2016.
8 Aug 2016
Tax Highlights Of The 2015 Budget Proposals
The honourable Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene, read the 2015 budget to the National Assembly on 25 February 2015.
South Africa
9 Mar 2015
ENS Budget Review - 2013 Budget Highlights
The 2013 budget read by the Minister of Finance on 27th February 2013 contains relatively fewer tax proposals than prior years.
South Africa
4 Mar 2013
REIT Tax Proposals Restrict Investment In Foreign Property Funds
The long-awaited Real Estate Investment Trust ("REIT") tax proposals have been introduced as part of the recent Draft Taxation Laws Amendment Bill.
South Africa
31 Aug 2012
Proposed South African Reit Regime - The "Best-Of-Breeds?"
National Treasury released the Draft Taxations Laws Amendment Bill, 2012 ("DTLAB") on 5 July 2012 for public comment.
South Africa
30 Aug 2012
Breaking Ordinary Residence For Tax Purposes: Further Comments
In our previous article, we commented on the importance of an individual who ceases to be ordinarily resident in South Africa being able to substantiate factually a clear intention to leave South Africa permanently and thereby to "break" ordinary residency in South Africa.
South Africa
9 Apr 2012
Residency, Permanent Establishment And Liability For Tax Of A Mauritian Trust (Recent Developments in Taxation, July 2011)
This brief provides a synopsis of a recent tax judgement on residency, information on proposed amendments to the Income Tax Act; the Customs Control and Customs Duty Bills; and the Permanent Voluntary Disclosure Programme.
South Africa
28 Jul 2011
Tax Relief For Residential Property Owners
SARS has introduced tax relief for home owners who own their primary residence through a trust, CC or company.
South Africa
15 Jun 2010
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