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Practical Recommendations Of The French Health Authority For The Implementation Of Teleconsultation And Tele-Expertise Activities
On June 20, 2019, the Haute Autorité de la Santé (French Health Authority or "HAS") published a best practice guide for the implementation and exercise of teleconsultation and tele-expertise activities.
30 Aug 2019
View From The Horizon: Pricing And Financial Regulation Of Health Products In France
On June 27 the third edition of our new global series, Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons, took place in Paris with discussions focused on the pricing and financial regulation of health products
31 Jul 2019
What You Need To Know About The French Tax On Health Insurance (TSA)
The scope of the French TSA (tax on health insurance) is quite broad, covering all premiums or contributions paid to French or foreign insurance companies, mutual unions or related companies covering health risk in France.
18 Dec 2018
CNIL Provides Guidance On Formalities In Relation To Health Data Processing In Health Research Sector
On August 20, the CNIL provided guidance on the measures to be taken by health researchers who modify the initial purposes for data processing (source document in French).
8 Nov 2018
CNIL Adopts Five New Methods Of Reference In Health Care Sector
On July 16, the CNIL adopted five new Methods of Reference (MR-001 to MR-005) for the health care sector to simplify compliance procedures when processing personal data for health research purposes...
8 Nov 2018
Généralisation et libéralisation de la télémédecine en France
L'année 2018 marque un tournant majeur dans le déploiement de la télémédecine en France.
6 Nov 2018
Generalization And Liberalization Of Telemedicine In France
The year 2018 marks a significant shift in the deployment of telemedicine in France.
6 Nov 2018
Three Things Not To Be Forgotten About The GDPR's "Right To Be Forgotten"
Our experience in advising clients about GDPR and assisting them in the compliance process is that there are often misconceptions ...
European Union
17 Sep 2018
Infraction à la loi "anti-cadeaux" : la Cour de cassation confirme l'arrêt de la cour d'appel de Paris ayant prononcé l'an dernier des amendes records
La Cour de cassation vient de confirmer, dans un arrêt très sévère, la décision de la cour d'appel de Paris ayant prononcé des amendes d'un montant record le 29 mars 2017, à l'encontre d'entreprises de santé...
12 Jun 2018
Violation Of The "Anti-Kickback" Statute: The French Supreme Court Upholds The 2017 Decision Of The Paris Court Of Appeal Imposing Record Fines
In a particularly "harsh" decision, the French Supreme Court just upheld the 29 March 2017 decision of the Paris Court of Appeal which imposed record fines on healthcare companies in the dental sector...
12 Jun 2018
France To Require Labelling Of All Retouched Photographs Of Models
France recently enacted new legislation requiring that all altered or retouched commercial photographs of models, whose body appearance has been refined or thickened, be labelled as a retouched photograph.
17 Aug 2017
Retouched Commercial Photographs Of Models: How Will France Impose Transparency To Try & Fight Food Disorders?
A decree dated May 4, 2017 (the "Decree") provides that, starting on October 1, 2017, the Message must be presented in an accessible and visible way and must be clearly distinguished...
15 Aug 2017
First Advocate General Opinion On The Classification Of Software Programs As Medical Devices
On 28 June, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union gave his opinion on the SNITEM and Philips France case against France.
20 Jul 2017
New Law Requires Certificate Of Compliance For Health Data Hosting Services
This certification process will replace the current approvals given by the Minister of Health.
28 Mar 2017
France Unveils Information System Security Plan In The Health Care Sector
On October 14, 2016, France's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health issued an instruction notice providing for the implementation of the "information systems security plan" for the health care sector.
28 Mar 2017
New Regulations Reshape Transparency-Related Obligations In France, Could Impact Life Sciences Companies
In France, transparency requirements are regulated by two main sets of laws: "The French Anti-Gift Law" . . .
22 Mar 2017
Again The Life Science Industry Will Have To Take A Close Look At A New Set Of Regulations Reshaping Transparency-Related Obligations
Article body Current Length: 9407 chars Long including spaces Source Preview The relationship between the life sciences industry and health-care practitioners is being reshaped in France through regulatory developments under both the French Anti-Gift Law and the French Sunshine Act.
20 Mar 2017
French Sunshine Obligations Clarified And Extended
The long-awaited decree that clarifies the French "Sunshine" obligations was recently published in the French Official Gazette, and it brings about some important changes...
26 Jan 2017
France Unveils Its Information System Security Plan In The Health Care Sector
France's Ministry of Social Affairs and Health issued an instruction notice (document in French) providing for the implementation of the "information systems security plan" for the health care sector.
22 Dec 2016
The "French Bribery Act" That Is Soon To Be Enacted
The last version of the "French Bribery Act" gives more shape to the new provisions of the law and confirms that it contemplates to substantially change the legal anti-corruption scope in France.
10 Dec 2016
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