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Intellectual Property Rights In The Olympics
The game originated a long time back in ancient Greece.
United Arab Emirates
14 Oct 2019
UAE Patent Office Solves Zero-Payment Conundrum
The UAE Ministry of Economy recently announced a sweeping change in official fee payments, which included a reduction in the annuity payments for patents
United Arab Emirates
23 Sep 2019
Significance Of Intellectual Property Law In Sports
The protection of Intellectual Property Rights emerged since 500 BC and has evolved to the present day to meet our requirements.
United Arab Emirates
11 Sep 2019
Impact Of Shari'a On Intellectual Property Laws
There are several Fatwas which validate the registration and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights.
United Arab Emirates
20 Aug 2019
Official Announcement From The Ministry Of Economy On UAE Intellectual Property Fees
Following our client alert on 14 July about the reductions in the UAE official trade mark fees relating to official government registration and renewal of trade marks
United Arab Emirates
31 Jul 2019
Tariffs For IP Undergoes Revision In Indonesia
The Regulation came into effect on 3 May 2019 and is set to replace the previous regulation that is the Government Regulation Number 45 of 2016
United Arab Emirates
10 Jul 2019
Can Artificial Intelligence Machines Be Patented Or Sued?
Hollywood movies introduced the concept of artificial intelligence to the world. Following the portrayal of artificial intelligence, many have speculated that robots will one day take over the world and subdue humans as their subjects.
United Arab Emirates
5 Jul 2019
Trademark Law And The Requirement Of Protection Of ‘Geographical Indication' In The UAE
Intellectual Property Rights are a set of proprietary rights that are granted to the Individuals over their creation. The holder or owners of these set of rights are entitled to various exclusive privileges and immunities.
United Arab Emirates
27 Feb 2019
KIPO Is A New Competent International Searching And Preliminary Examining Authority
The International Center for Patent Registration, Ministry of Economy (United Arab Emirates), has designated the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) ...
United Arab Emirates
1 Feb 2019
The Steps In Patent Registration In The UAE
Inventing something new, including a new process or a novel item is often the first step in developing a company and launching a brand-new opportunity for an individual or a group
United Arab Emirates
26 Sep 2018
Patent Registration In UAE And GCC - Bespoke Guide
The exclusive right provided for by the patent allows the holder to recoup development costs and to obtain a return of investment in the development of the patented technology.
United Arab Emirates
23 Sep 2018
UAE Business Brief – Patents, Trademarks & Counterfeiting
The UAE Patent Law is lightly modelled on the European system and requires, inter alia, the absolute novelty as one of the fundamental prerequisites for patentability. At this stage...
United Arab Emirates
13 Jul 2018
Intellectual Property And Food Security
The definition of Food security is "the state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food."
United Arab Emirates
22 May 2018
Plagiarism And Its Legal Consequences
The origins of this proverb are unknown, but they are relevant in varied contexts. One can say that the concept of plagiarism efficiently sits on this axiom.
United Arab Emirates
14 Feb 2018
Intellectual Property In The Wake Of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence systems ("AI") have been a hot topic in recent years and, although we might not yet be aware, aspects of AI have already found their way into our daily lives.
United Arab Emirates
23 Nov 2017
Narrowing The Gulf In Patent Law
The GCC, although still far from the detailed law and practice available in Europe (or one of the other four IP five jurisdictions), is continuously progressing towards a modern patent system.
United Arab Emirates
5 Oct 2017
Enforcement Of IP Rights In The GCC: 2016 Highlights
Here, we look at what these key changes could mean for you in terms of enforcement of intellectual property rights.
United Arab Emirates
13 Mar 2017
UAE Officials Outline Successful IP Enforcement Activities
The EIPA recently held in Dubai its sixth "Regional Intellectual Property Crime Conference in the Middle-East and North Africa", in cooperation with Interpol.
United Arab Emirates
29 Nov 2016
MENA Intellecual Property Newsletter: November 2015
With the introduction of a dedicated intellectual property team into the UK offices of Clyde & Co this month we are highlighting some of the key differences between handling intellectual property litigation in the UK and the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
27 Nov 2015
IP Regional Update – November 2015
Market updates and insights from around the region. This month we report on news from Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
26 Nov 2015
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