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HKIA's Guideline On Exercising Power To Impose Pecuniary Penalty On Regulated Persons
The Hong Kong Insurance Authority has published consultation conclusions (Consultation Conclusions) on the draft Guideline on Exercising Power to Impose Pecuniary Penalty in Respect
Hong Kong
2 Aug 2019
Hong Kong Insurance Authority Issues Guideline On Cybersecurity
The Insurance Authority has issued its Guideline on Cybersecurity (GL20) for authorised insurers, which will take effect on 1 January 2020.
Hong Kong
1 Aug 2019
Guideline On Cybersecurity For Hong Kong Authorised Insurers Will Come Into Effect On 1 January 2020
Last Friday, the Hong Kong Insurance Authority published its Guideline on Cybersecurity (GL 20) for authorised insurers. GL 20 will take effect on 1 January 2020.
Hong Kong
29 Jul 2019
New Codes Of Conduct For Insurance Intermediaries Are Coming Soon!
The new Section 90 of the Insurance Ordinance Cap. 41 ("Ordinance") introduces statutory conduct requirements for licensed insurance agents and insurance brokers.
Hong Kong
30 May 2019
Employees Of Insurers Beware – Do You Need To Be Licensed As An Insurance Intermediary?
Under the new insurance licensing regime, Section 64G of the Insurance Ordinance Cap.
Hong Kong
22 May 2019
Consultation On Imposing Pecuniary Penalties Against Insurance Intermediaries - What You Need To Know
The new Hong Kong insurance intermediary regime is expected to commence in mid-2019.
Hong Kong
18 Mar 2019
A Wave Of Consolidation In The Intermediary Market In Hong Kong Expected In 2019
New rules will bringer tougher conduct, corporate governance and fitness and probity obligations.
Hong Kong
28 Dec 2018
Investors Looking To Asia Will Consider A Range Of Market Entry Strategies
Non-traditional players continue to have high levels of interest in the Asian insurance industry, with its attractive growth prospects. However, market entry is hindered by a number of factors.
Hong Kong
11 Dec 2018
Legal 500 M&A Guide 2018 - Hong Kong Update
The recent changes to the Hong Kong Listing Rules allow biotech issuers who do not meet the financial eligibility tests to be listed, and permit listing of companies with "weighted voting right" ...
Hong Kong
29 Nov 2018
Getting Out Of The Deep End Court Decision On Assessing The Scope Of Notification Under A Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy
In a claims-made policy, the insurer's obligation to indemnify is triggered not by the occurrence of a loss, but by a third party making a claim against an insured.
Hong Kong
22 May 2018
Who Will Volunteer For Hong Kong's Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme?
The long-awaited details of the proposed Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS) were announced on 1 March 2018.
Hong Kong
16 Mar 2018
Insurance Predictions 2018: Insurtech Era Will Dawn In Hong Kong
2018 is likely to be the year of innovation for the insurance market in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
14 Dec 2017
Hong Kong Insurance Regulator Launches Insurtech Initiatives
The Insurance Authority has recently launched two new initiatives to promote the use of insurtech in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
13 Oct 2017
Asia's First Apology Bill Passed
After the 2012 Lamma ferry disaster, the idea for "apology legislation" arose when the Director of the Marine Department apologised eight months after the incident.
Hong Kong
10 Aug 2017
Regulatory Minefield: Exploring The New Hong Kong Insurance Regulatory Landscape
According to the Legislative Council brief issued on 19 April 2017 by the Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and the Provisional Insurance Authority, 26 June 2017 is the commencement date...
Hong Kong
20 Jul 2017
Hong Kong Insurance Sector Looks To Its Future In New Report
On 3 March 2017, the Financial Services Development Council (the "Council") issued an important report, titled: "Turning Crisis into Opportunities: Hong Kong as an Insurance Hub with Development Focuses on Reinsurance, Marine and Captive" (the "Report").
Hong Kong
26 Apr 2017
Property Preservation Orders - New Rules And New Ways
The Provisions contain more detailed regulations which are intended to facilitate the simplification and standardization of the granting of orders for preservation of property.
Hong Kong
6 Feb 2017
New Corporate Governance Standards For Authorised Insurers To Ring In The New Year
2017 brings a new and modernised set of corporate governance standards to authorised insurers in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
9 Jan 2017
Key Changes To The Guidance Note On Corporate Governance For Authorised Insurers In Hong Kong
The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OCI) in Hong Kong issued a revised Guidance Note on the Corporate Governance of Authorised Insurers (Revised GN10) in October 2016.
Hong Kong
15 Dec 2016
Guernsey's Captive Insurance Expertise Shared With Hong Kong Audience
Captives are certainly going to be at the forefront of innovation in Asia's insurance market and Guernsey is proud to be recognised as a centre of excellence in this area.
Hong Kong
14 Nov 2016
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