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High Court Ruling On Granting Of Injunctions Will Be Welcome News For Employers
In a development that will be of some relief for employers, in Kearney v Byrne Wallace, the High Court has affirmed that it does not have jurisdiction to grant an injunction in circumstances...
5 Dec 2017
IHL Comparative Guide To Employment, Ireland 2017
This country-specific Q&A provides an overview to employment and labour law in Ireland.
21 Jul 2017
Letter For Social Welfare Application Held To Be Notice Of Redundancy
A recent decision of the Employment Appeals Tribunal held that a letter drafted for an employee for social welfare purposes stating that the employer "had no work available at present" was...
23 Mar 2017
Employment Law Update: Clerys Report – Key Proposals On Laws Protecting Employees
In early 2016, the Government commissioned an examination into laws protecting employees following the overnight closure of the historic Clerys department store in Dublin in June 2015, with the immediate loss of 460 jobs.
4 Jul 2016
Employment Law Update: From Collective Redundancies To Collective Bargaining, What's New?
In the Woolworths case, thousands of redundancies were made across various Woolworths' stores in the UK.
30 Jul 2015
Collective Redundancies - Definition Of "Establishment"
On 20th May 2015 the above Act was signed into law by the President marking a complete overhaul of the adjudication process for all workplace complaints.
3 Jun 2015
Employment Law Update: Collective Redundancies: What Is An "Establishment"?
The question of what is meant by "establishment" in a collective redundancy situation is a subject of on-going debate.
European Union
10 Apr 2015
Happy 10th Birthday To The Protection Of Employees (Fixed-Term Work) Act 2003
For most employers the primary benefit of a fixed-term contract lies in the exclusion of the Unfair Dismissal Acts 1977-2011 on the expiry of the fixed-term.
17 Dec 2013
Twelve Month Non-Solicitation Covenant Upheld For Insurance Broker
When Andrew Templeton resigned from his employment with Romero, after he was notified that his role was being put at risk of redundancy, he began working at another insurance company the very next day, bringing a number of ex-Romero clients with him
22 Nov 2013
Employment Law In The UK And Ireland: The Notable Differences
As a result of the implementation of EU directives since the 1970s, UK employment law is similar to that in Ireland.
15 Nov 2013
It’s Good To Talk
A discussion based on a recently issued judgment around an appeal on a point of law from a determination of the Employment Appeals Tribunal regarding a proposed collective redundancy.
7 Aug 2013
Age Discrimination
A discussion on a recent decision which has clarified the law relating to redundancy payments paid to employees close to retirement age.
6 Aug 2013
RP50 Form Still Required Despite Abolition Of The Redundancy Rebate
On 1 January 2013 the Redundancy Payments Acts, 1967-2007 were amended.
8 Apr 2013
Reduction In Redundancy Rebate To Employers
In the Judicial review proceedings of Amjad Hussein -V- The Labour Court and Mohammah Younis [2012] No. 194 J.R., the High Court has overturned a Labour Court Decision awarding the sum of €92,000 in compensation to a migrant worker in respect of claims under the Terms of Employment (Information) Act, 1994, the Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997 and the National Minimum Wage Act, 2000 on the basis that the employee did not have a work permit.
13 Nov 2012
The Employment Law Review: Third Edition
The employment relationship in Ireland is regulated by an extensive statutory framework, much of which finds its origin in European Community law.
2 Apr 2012
Significant Developments In The Area Of Employment Law And Insolvency
The affect of employment law is increasingly being felt in connection with insolvency proceedings. A recent example is the shop workers’ Union, Usdaw, winning compensation worth up to £67 million for over 24,000 former employees of Woolworths made redundant following the company’s collapse at the end of 2008.
9 Feb 2012
Redundancy Rebate Reduced From 1 January 2012
Employers who are currently considering implementing a redundancy exercise should consider the implications of waiting until next year to do this. Budget 2012 provides that the employer rebate on statutory redundancy payments will be reduced from the current rate of 60% to 15% with effect from 1 January 2012.
9 Dec 2011
Redundancy: Counting the Cost
In two recent cases, the Employment Appeals Tribunal has handed down substantial awards - €127,350 and €87,000. The tribunal is penalising employers who fail to adhere to 'fair procedures', even when there is a genuine redundancy situation. Aoife Bradley reports.
1 Jul 2010
Relocation Clauses
The Terms of Employment (Information) Acts 1994 and 2001 specifically provide that an employer is obliged to provide an employee with a statement in writing no later than two months after the commencement of employment containing certain particulars in relation to his or her employment.
27 May 2010
Collective Redundancies - When Does the Obligation to Consult Arise? - Award of Almost €3 Million in Fujitsu Case
The decision of the Finnish Supreme Court in the Fujitsu case delivered on 9 March 2010, pursuant to which Fujitsu was ordered to pay almost €3 million to dismissed employees, has relevance for Irish employers, particularly those within an international group.
14 Apr 2010
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